This is a piece that holds cylinder essential granthiology. This invoked magic is a sexual allurance that connects with your body and rages the mind to opwn with new emergences of beast like force.

This will make the person who connects with it have a sex drive that will knock the socks off of anyone they encompass!

You will be railing your lover with strong blends of force and energy that will make their body feel a frenzy of pleasure like they have never experienced before ~!

This rare pulled energy came from the Ealthen Realm, where all sex based spell casters obtain the materials for their spells. It is hard to gain access to this realm, and Raviniska did so and brought back one empowered piece for a man, and one for a woman.

This listing is for the men -- (women see item #:092512046)

**Be the most aggressive, yet sensual lover and rock out with your cock out when you are filled with this assertive implicable energy that will forever build your reputation and have people wanting more!!

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