Cameo of the Muccker SW

The Muccker witches have one use only and that was to obtain hidden and not so hidden magical items by any means they could. If they could not physically possess them they had the ability to take the power from them and transmute it into another item. They were called Muccker witches because others said they mucked stuff up and did not leave things to the natural ways of magic as they should have.

This is a very little piece but also an antique, it may be cased in rose gold but I’m not sure on that but it is real shell cameo. This piece has the essence of the Muccker witch and has the power to take the power form an item and place it in another item. Yes, you may be thinking that many items have this ability but this is so much more and as a result it is not only powerful but controversial due to what it can do. It can take the power from anything and duplicate it. The possibilities are endless with this piece and I will explain why. Not only can you copy the powers of a piece say an item like the crown of Jesus that possesses the power to bring the dead back to life but with this item you would have the same ability. What is so special about this piece though is that you can use it to obtain the powers of an item through a photo or even a web page. Just as a note, it doesn’t steel the energies or powers from an item it copies them into itself for you to use as you like.
Cameo of the Muccker SW
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