Castle of the Infinite

Castle of the Infinite

This piece holds incredible powers.  There are no fancy back stories to it or anything like that, because it holds so many entities in it that if I attempted to tell you where each one came from, it take me pages upon pages.  Rather, I'm going to simply let you know that we've been around the world and everywhere we go we find entities.  Sometimes we use these entities to make other types of pieces, then there are those entities that we have kept in this piece, that we call the Castle of the Infinite.  There have been that many entities set into this piece that honestly, I can't remember every single little detail, let alone write them down, like I suggested earlier.  It's like a mystery-treasure box of powers and entities.  I can tell you this much-- we found the piece that we have been using in the Sultan's Palace while we were on an investigation.  We knew the ring had powers, but at that time there were no entities in it.  The Sultan must have left them out like Pandora's Box.  We worked with this piece for a while, until were came to the conclusion that what this piece is, is a high capacity vessel to store an infinite amount of entities and powers in.  It was made using a power that was stolen from gypsies by one of the Arabian Knights.  The power has been changed from vessel to vessel, until it has come to rest in this piece, which you can see is far more appropriate than any other piece that it was previously in.  I mean, what better to house these entities than a castle?  They are the royalty of the world of the supernatural.  I am not going to list every specific entity that you will find in this piece, but rather I will give a sampling of what you will, for sure, undoubtedly experience when buying it.  Frankly, just the entities I'm listing are worth the price we are asking.  However, if you dig deeper you will find that this piece is a funhouse full of powers! Here is the sampling I'm listing.  Remember you are getting these entities PLUS (there are at least 40!):

Blue Efreet Djinni: This is the Djinni that grants as many wishes as you need.  

Grine Djinni: This is the djinni that was born in an alternate realm when you were, but also exists inside of you.  It will be woken up to release your inner djinn powers, using this entity

Sanguine Vampire:  This entity will bring you ALL the powers of being a sanguine, but without the need to take blood

Psy-Op Vampire:  This is the type of vampire that will give you full psychic ability, regardless of the type you choose

Werewolf:  This entity will give you the ability to shape-shift into any form you choose to take, not merely a wolf.

Leprechaun:  This piece will bring you the luck of the Irish for when you need things to go your way

Angel:  This will entity will bring you the white light knowledge of God, and divine protection of the Blood of Christ

Demon:  This entity is not here to be used as a bad things, but rather to give you all the knowledge of Lucifer while he was still the morning star.  He knows a lot, considering he used to be God's right-hand-man.

White Faerie:  This entity will bring you the white light magic of the Fair Folk, which have existed for eons, before they were exploited by humans.

Knocker Dwarf:  This type of dwarf will lead your life down a path of destined wealth, from all sources.  

Elven Prince:  The elves were the fiercest of all warriors, because they learned the secrets to immortality.  He will share the secret of Immortality with you.   

Nephilim:  This entity is known to be half man, half angel thus he is the perfect intercessory tool when attempting to appease God and ask for his favor and white light blessing in your life.

Blue Faerie:  Blue Faeries have long been associated with spiritual progression and healing.  With this piece, you will gain the ability to white-wash your soul, releasing all impurities and all spiritual blocks that are prohibiting you from gaining powers.

Voodoo Immortal:  These are the self-proclaimed contemporaries of Madame Marie Laveau.  I was skeptical at first, but I can now tell you that these entities will bring you all of the powers of Voodoo that you wish to have .

Golem:  This type of entity is one that is soulless and bears no purpose until you breath purpose into it, which pretty much means it will do whatever you want it to do!  They are often used as revenge spirits, but you can use them for whatever you want.  



Sterling and real crystal,size 11 or 12

Castle of the Infinite
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