Castle of the Interior Man, August Sale 34

This piece is a pure white light. It came to Deedee in a dream the other night, descending upon her like the white dove of the Holy Fire that descended upon Jesus during his baptism by Saint John. She found the following item clutched in her hand upon awakening. She knew immediately that what she had experienced was a God-send and nothing short of a miracle. We immediately began testing on the item. This piece is the Castle of the Interior Man. It is the Seven Stages of of Spiritual Growth through which the soul will ascend toward divinity. It will enlighten your mind with sheer white light energy of Heaven and allow you to bypass the ascension process, which for some people can take years and years. Once you have received your full ascension, it will release your "Interior Man," that is your the soul that is mystically married with God and all the powers that he has to offer. It will release your manifested reality, allowing you exist in your own true soul form and obtain the white spiritual powers of your existence. Everyone's soul is given a different set of powers, so this piece will be a spiritual adventure for the person who obtains it! This ring is size 8 and I'm pretty sure that it's Sterling Silver, it just doesn't have any markings on it. The power is held in the white light stones that are set into the ring and burst worth, manifesting your Interior Man.
Castle of the Interior Man, August Sale 34
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