Celontes Stone Trinity

The Celontes was a mystical stone that was said to be found in a tortoise. Many witches would gather these to increase the ability to foretell the future.

Not only did they do that but they also were some of the better healing stones and still are.

The witches used to have to carry the stones under their tongue for 15 days starting on the first day of the full moon.

This practice still goes on with post-modern witches who practice very powerful forms of witchcraft.  Their is a trinity of stones on this bracelet. They have been carried under the tongue of several different witches as to give them power, then made into this bracelet.  It has been designed in such a way that you do not have to put these stones under your tongue.  Rather, to gain the powers you must wear this bracelet for 15 days starting on the first night of a fully moon.  Be careful to note which night the moon is actualy full, not almost full or the day after it was full.  The powers will not work then, so do your research.  You can either weart the bracelet or if it doesn't fit, wear it on a chain around you neck.  After the 15 day mark, you will gain the powers listed above, including advanced healing, white light magic, and the ability to foretell the future via psychic awakening. 

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