Wim Hof is a Dutch-born man with the incredible ability of being invulnerable to cold, which he has proven by swimming in ice cold water and being buried completely in ice.

You might scoff at this, because you saw David Blaine do the same thing. OK, how about this: He climbed up Mount Everest in a pair of shorts. His testicles would have retracted up behind his eyelids at this point.

He has been dubbed "Iceman," because the Dutch have no imagination. Hof's ability is so great that even when submerged in freezing water that would pretty much kill a normal human in a few minutes, his body temperature barely drops, and when he climbed Everest (in bicycle shorts, we really can't stress that enough), he said it was easy.

Hof himself claims that his remarkable abilities come from meditation, which sounds like total hackneyed bullshit to us, as no amount of thinking can keep your flaccid penis from fusing to a block of ice.

Researchers finally got curious and decided to test Hof, and amazingly, they found that he can actually control his autonomic nervous system and immune response through concentration and meditation. In case you're unclear, that means he can totally control his response to cold, just by thinking really hard.

The researchers stressed that Hof is an entirely unique case, and his ability to basically control his body and the way it reacts isn't something other people can learn or do unless accidentally exposed to gamma rays or a radioactive comet.

~ Well now there is no need for you to become radioactive to have this implored within you! This piece is a diect item that Hof has forecast during a mindful power implicated meditation session... with this you will simply need to poke yourself in the time of need and his meditative state of mind will flood you and grant you his abiliites!

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