Chakra Doctor

Chakra Doctor ---

This piece is sterling sivler and will put you in complete control of what chakras you want to remove or place back within you! There are many elements to our chakras, and only you know yourself to understand which ones you should implement energy into and which would do you good to get rid of.

Many people will try to emit services taking away your chakras, and what they are doing is actually damaging your spirit, as they are not in-tune with your body... so they can bring about bad things for you!

This bracelet looks like it is gold, but it is actually sterling silver. This is made to be worn
on your dominant hand --  as the energies in the stones will integrate into your body through the pulse in your wrist.

Currently we only have one of these, but we are working on getting more, the problem is the extensive amount of time that it takes to program and empower a piece like this!

This item took nearly 4 months to have done, as Deedee had a vision about someone hurting people with chakra issues, and she asked Braun to utilize a healing chakra item.

And long and behold, as many are aware, the culprit of the issues was on our own forum, causing chaos to clients and hidering their lives with his uneducated spectacle removals!

This is a piece that will align and work for, and with, anyone... especially good for those who encountered the undesired removal by Alpha!

Chakra Doctor
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