Chalice of the Magdalene

Chalice of the Magdalene<br /><br />

Here's a piece that has been rendered from my own personal experience.  It doesn't come from any particular haunted place or an ancient marvel.  It simply comes from a vision that I received, because I do that sometimes.  I can't really explain it and I don't really know why.  All I know is that it is an inherent gift from God, my own personal little treasure.  Anyway, this particular dream wielded a piece of mysticism, as most of them do.  <br /><br />

I'd like to begin by saying that Jesus isn't the only one who had is own personal Holy Grail.  It seems that this particular practice was common place back then, at least this is what I saw in my vision.  I saw the Holy Chalice of a prophetess of God, and a best friend of Jesus Christ.  I can't really tell you where the piece came from, because I honestly do not know.  I can only tell you the surroundings from which it comes.  If I visited the place I'd be able to immediately identify the place as the place where I received the chalice.   <br /><br />

Anyway, when I first began dreaming, which is the form most of my visions come to me, I was taken to a place of desolate isolation.  I want to say that is was the Calvary, but I'm not sure.  There were three silhouettes with three candles ablaze.  It was dark and windy and I could tell there was a storm stirring up, because it began to thunder.  I was taken by surprise as I was suddenly taken from this place, to a very dark room.  I could barely make out what I was seeing, but soon the room was ablaze by two cedar torches that filled the air with a pleasant aroma, amongst the dampness and dankness of wherever I was.<br /><br /> 

I saw a congregation of maybe six people, including myself.  The people around me didn't know that I was there.  Sometimes this happens in my visions, sometimes it doesn't.  This was a non-communicative one apparently.  Whatever the case, they didn't know that I was there.  Have you ever had a dream and the person you are with is  supposed to be someone, but it looks nothing like what they really do??  Well, I hope so, because that is the closest explanation I have to how I knew the people that surrounded me.  <br /><br />

In the middle of the room was a small box shaped alter, that two of the men, adorned in scarlet robes with gold stitching lit.  I knew that these two men were James, brother of Jesus and John the Evangelist, Jesus' favorite apostle.  Seated closest to the alter, but off to the side was Mary Magdalene, often thought of as Jesus' consort, but definitely one of his favorite disciples.  A weeping woman in the back, I immediately recognized as Mary, Mother of Jesus... not quite a virgin anymore, but still full of grace.  The man that was seated in a wicker seat in front of me I immediately recognized as Lazarus, the Magdalene's brother, and the one whom Jesus had risen from the dead.  <br /><br />

After James and John had lit the alter, the Magdalene took her place at the center of the alter, with a man on either side of her.  She began to pray.  There was cup sitting on top of the alter-- her chalice.  After several minutes of a chanting prayer, during which the virgin began wailing, the Magdalene's  chalice appeared full and began to overflow with a thick, dark, sticky fluid.  I wasn't sure, at first, what it was.  When I got a closer look I realized that what they were partaking of was blood... and it only took me a little while longer to realize whose blood is was.  It was, of course the blood of Christ.  <br /><br />

After a brief intercessory period, during which the Magdalene begged the Holy Spirit to deliver her messaged to the Son, the was a sound that blasted like a war trumpet.  I seemed to shake the foundation of the very room that we were in.  Jesus appeared out of the alter, his crucifixion wounds still fresh.  His hair was as white as wool and his eyes glowed a fiery color of triumph and victory.  He was dressed in a white robe and wore a majestic crown upon his head.  It turns out that I was gaining a third person account of the induction of Lazarus into the order of Jesus' most treasure loves.  They were to be given power exactly as he had been given from God, his father.  They were given an understanding of all things that were, that are and that are to come. They were made the holiest of the holy and promised great seats in Heaven, near the throne of Jesus.  <br /><br />

In a ritualistic ceremony, Lazarus was made part of the Order, which was called the Order of the Magdalene.   Then, to my surprise my presence was announced, even to the astonishment of the others.  Jesus stared right at me, and I was barely able to look at him.  he summoned me and crawled to him on my hands and knees.  He ordered me to drink from the Chalice and all the hardships and sorrow that Jesus had to go through, hit me at once.  I felt like I was going to die.  I writhed in pain, only to find out that Lazarus was currently undergoing the same treatment.  After about half an hour, all the suffering of Christ gave me an enlightened spirit and I received the divination that is reserved for Jesus' elite.  <br /><br />

The others never knew of my existence other than what the Christ had told them.  When I awoke I had this piece around my neck, which is how I am allowed to share this power with one other person of my choosing.  The Chalice is hidden somewhere along with the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant.  This piece will do the trick, though, as long as you let it bond with your soul.  You will be given the same powers as if you had drank out of the Chalice of the Magdalene.  You will be part of the Christian Elite known as the Order of the Magdalene.  This is surely a once in a lifetime opportunity-- even more than most.  You will gain that powers as I have described to you above.  As for me?  I have drank out of the Chalice, so I don't need a piece anymore.  That's why I am making available for you!!  <br /><br />   

Chalice of the Magdalene
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