Chamuel, Archangel of Love

This is a simple token of white light that was sent to us by Raviniska.  It holds divine white light directly from the realms of Heaven.  It calls upon the Archangel Chamuel who is the Angel that holds jurisdiction over love and attraction.   His name means "He Who Sees God," and it is written that God is love.  It makes perfect sense, then, that Chamuel, who sees god, would hold jurisdiction over the love of the world.  He guards the part of the body associated with the Heart Chakra and will release the powers of love into your body. 

Once Chamuel has relinquished the powers of his love energy to you, you will be able to use this energy in your own life.  This energy will allow you to open up your eyes.  It will give you a psychic connection that allow you to view people for what they are worth.  This way, you will know when to put your emotions into a connection and/or relationship with somebody.  This piece can seek out a lifelong soulmate for you by allowing you to read the soul of the other person to know if this is the fit for you and if they are really into the commitment.  It also allows you to make connections on a broader basis by being able to see the intentions of those around you to know who are your true friends and which ones are simply leading you astray.

Either way, you can use this piece to develop a sense of love for those that have love for you.  Chamuel will not lead you astray and will fill your life with a divine love-- a white light power that comes directly from God to you.


Chamuel, Archangel of Love
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