Chan Chu-- Extreme Wealth For You!!

Quick, trivia time!!  What is better than one entity that brings you extreme wealth??  That's right!  Two entities that bring you extreme wealth!  This ring was secured for us by Adita who visited the Temple of the 8 Immortals.   She went there to gain the energy from the immortals, but came back with this instead.  At first, it had us scratching our heads.  She was given this piece by one of the monks of the temple, who caught onto what she was trying to do.  You know those monks are always trying to do what is right for human kind, and so this is why he gave her this piece.  I'm not sure exactly why she wasn't able to secure the powers of the 8 Immortals, but I can tell you that this piece is quite powerful.  In fact, in my opinion it is as powerful as the 8 Immortals, just in a different kind of way.  
This ring is made out of sterling silver and depicts two frogs holding a light blue globe.  The globe is where the powers sits and the frogs are the guardians of the globe.  They are an ancient entity known as Jin Chan, also sometimes called Chan Chu.  They are what is known as wealth toads or wealth frogs.  They appear during a full moon near businesses and homes that will soon fall under an immense amount of good fortune and huge wealth!!  Jin Chan are the offspring of the original, who was the wife of one of the 8 Immortals.  She was a very greedy and hoarded a lot of wealth.  When her wealth wasn't enough to satisfy her anymore she traveled to the realm of the Immortals, where she stole the Peaches of Immortality.   She gained her immortality, but as a punishment for her actions, was destined to hop around the ground for eternity after she was turned into a frog.  
Jin Chan has since learned her lesson and to gain favor with the gods in hopes that they will one day turn her back into a human, she has created an army of wealth frogs that go about on a full moon to croak their songs of wealth on businesses and homes.  The piece you are getting holds the presence of two Jin Chan.  You may or may not hear the frogs croaking.  They usually do it subliminally so that way you can hear them.  This is what awakens the powers in the blue orb.  The powers in the blue orb are extreme wealth in its purest form.  TO activate this piece you will set it outside to allow it to soak up the full powers of the full moon, whenever this occurs.  You will allow it to sit until sun up.  Then, you will wear the ring either as a ring or a pendant on a chain.  You will feel the powers of this piece immediately.  
As long as you wear the piece you will experience extremely good fortune.  Lottery winnings and gambling winnings are just the tip of the iceberg.  You will find yourself the heir of many fortunes.  This piece will grow any businesses and expand your customer base in great proportions.  Your investments will grow, your portfolio will double, and your stocks will split!  You will be on the receiving end of many games of chances such as sweepstakes and you will receive promotions and raises at your job.  This piece will lead to you lost treasures and fortunes that people would have never known existed.  It is just an all around extreme wealth piece.  
Aside from wealth, this piece will bring you stunning charm or beauty.  It doesn't quite bring immortality, but it will bring you the ability to look half of your age, depending on how old you are.  For instance, when testing this piece one of our staff members who is in her 50s used this piece.   After a period of about 6 days she looked like she was in her 30s again!  I guess you can call this ability a wealth of sorts too.  She said she hasn't had as many guys-- or girls-- hit on her and ask her out in at least 20 years!  You go girl!!  Just another reason why you want to buy this piece!!  It's one-of-a-kind!  
Chan Chu-- Extreme Wealth For You!!
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