Change your Body

Change your Body This piece was enriched by Grizzelle to allow you to love yourself. We all have issues with ourselves, mostly with our bodies, and this imperial item will allow you to generate a change to your body. You will first wear this piece for 10 days and on each of the ten days you will want to draw what type of body you want on a piece of paper. Your mind will change things each day, but mostly it will look the same. On the final day, day 10, choose which picture perfects your desires and hold the picture in front of the mirror and chant these words 10 Times for 3 days in a row to get your desired body type~! My Body Isnt Desirable, It's Not Attractive. I Wish For My Body To Change Into This. ** Testers revealed an immense array of change -- some started within a week, with full changes within 6 months! The powers will assert and utilize a release like a butterfly that has just has been released from it's cocoon~
Change your Body
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