Charles Convoy's Occult Blessings

Charles Convoy was a minister in well respected Baptist church. He was liked by everyone in the congregation and was extremly helpful to those in need.<br /><br />

He always was very forthcoming with assistance and seemed to hand out money as if it grew from trees.<br /><br />

The aspect of the money that he constantly was handing out to people in the community and for the church to be renovated started to make people think that he was stealing from the offerings.<br /><br />

What was a church filled with an extreme closeness, became a place of gossip and dismay.<br /><br />

Charles always wore name brand suits and ties, had BMW and just seemed to have more money than a normal minister would make.<br /><br />

He was forth coming with everything, except his past. No one knew very much about where Charles came from... he would always change the topic and after a while it added to the suspicions.<br /><br />

The congregation all met to discuss their thoughts and the rationale of their minister. There were so many questions, and all though they still liked his depiction and work in the church, they were uneasy about his character.<br /><br />

He was asked to resign and in shock broke down about his past. He showcased that he was born to a couple who mastered occult magic. His life was filled with constant spells, witchery and seances. Many led him to believe he was weird or bad because of his upbringing. <br /><br />

To "fit in" he started to go to church with his neighbors and that led him to his career. At first he strayed from his family as he was led to believe that they were evil and workers of the Devil; but as he got older and better understood his placement and the love of God, he realized that this just wasn't true.<br /><br />

The empirical powers that eminate from the mystics of the occult following enchant people with blessings everyday!<br /><br />

He re-connected with his parents and was given a ring to commence the joining of love that they shared. He finally felt as if everything was in place... he had a career he loved and the support of his family, but when he started out as a minister and shared his family history he would always be asked to step down and people didn't want to listen to him preach as they thought he was 'tainted.' <br /><br />

This is why he was so evasive and secret about his family and where he came from in this church because he loved where he was. The money that was blessing the people was enriched from the ring that his parents gave him. Their mastery powers were bestowed to bring the wearer amazement and success in money, love and fortune. <br /><br />

They wanted nothing more than their little boy, Charles, to be loved. The outpour of divine money that came into his life was all granted in forms that were simply heaven sent. He was not stealing from the congregation... the offerings were all placed in a separate account--- he was helping the community with funds that came forth to him.<br /><br />

The people of the church were she so set on what they thought was happening that they couldn't hear anything he said and he was let go.<br /><br />

Charles was so upset and hurt by this that he told his parents he couldn't wear the ring anymore --- even thought they said it would continue to bless him. The ring was left on his desk at the church and they pawned it, as they thought everything about Charles was bad.<br /><br />

The ring was seen through a vision to Ravniska and she contacted Deedee and told her about it. The ring was in Mississippi and we contacted all the shops looking for this ring that Raviniska had envisioned... after about 75 calls, Steve hit it big. They sent us a photo and it matched the description Raviniska informed us about... we purchased it and tested it and it is the most powerful piece of life chaning forcefulness that we have ever experienced.<br /><br />

The vision came forth to Raviniska because she implodes when the power of pure occult fortune resonates --- she was in another realm and couldn't get to Mississippi herself, so she our team.<br /><br />

You will be wrapped in the extreme mastery spell of pure love, light and luck that Charles was given. You can expect amazing things to happen in your life, including windfalls of money, love and endearment from strangers and simply put pure happiness!<br /><br />

This is an incredible piece!~<br /><br />

Charles Convoy's Occult Blessings
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