Chief of the Kotal Djinn; It's Everything You Could Want

When you put your arm through the railing that protects the Minar-e-Zarree, to touch the monument, you are almost certainly guaranteed whatever it is that you wished for.  The pillar was originally ordered to be built by Emperor Ashoka in Ambala in the third century BC.  Centuries later it was lifted and taken to Kotla on the orders of Sultan Feroz Shah TughlaqKotla, which is short for the Feroz Shah Kotla fort, is now ruins, but it doesn't stop people from visiting the place anyhow.  Why?  Because it is Earthen home of the most powerful type of djinns, the ones who have since been called the Kotal Djinns

Once a week, on a Thursday, you will find pilgrims on the road to Kotal, in hopes that their wishes might be granted by the djinn.  It is said that merely entering the Kotal sanctuary will grant you access to the most powerful of djinn.  You see, we've talked about two worlds in the past.  These are the worlds that most of existence has been allocated to.  The first is the world of form and this is the world as we know it.  What we see is what exists-- trees, cars, houses, buildings, lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.  Whatever you see is what really exists, because if it didn't then you wouldn't be able to see it.  Simple, right? 

Then there is the World of Spirit and unless you have elevated yourself to be able to dwell in both realms, these are the types of things that you cannot normally see-- ghosts, vampires, djinn, angels, gods, goddesses, etc.  These are the all powerful, that exist not necessarily in a physical form, but they can if the choose.  Then there is crossover realm between the two, because the overlap ever so slightly.  There is not an official name for the realm in which they overlap, but an example of this would be when people created idols to worship deities.  Now, there is a physical manifestation of the deity, which can be touched and worked with, that invites the deity in its spiritual form, who will now be able to grant the requests of those on the physical realm.  It's a complicated process, but just know that it does exist

The whole point is that nestled inside of a Mosque that is at Kotla is what is called the Minar-e-Zarree, that I have told you about in the opening paragraph of this description.  This pillar is the physical sanctuary of the Waale-Baba who is the chief of the Kotla Djinns.  He is revered as the most powerful of Djinn.  People believe that entering Kotla will grant you wishes eventually in and of itself.  While we were on investigation there, we met up with a young man you had pictures of his mother.  Apparently she was dying of a rare form of cancer.  He hung pictures of his mother all of the sanctuary, all the while praying to the djinn spirits to absolve her of her illness.  We met a lady in her thirties whose request to the djinn was to be able to carry a child after have two full-term pregnancies, both of which resulted in stillborns. 

While entering the sanctuary is often deemed as "enough", it is the Pillar called Minar-e-Zarree that really holds all of the powers.  It is protected by a railing, but if you can reach through the railing to touch the pillar, you will be set.  For those who touch the pillar, all of their wishes, without even having to formally wish them, will come true.  This is the power of the Chief Djinn who lives inside the pillar.  He has the ability to grant any wish at any moment for anyone at any place.  Those who go to touch the pillar have their wishes granted right away in a sign of respect for the faith of those who go through the painstaking trouble of being able to reach out and touch the pillar.  It is similar to when people were healed merely form touching Jesus' robe.  Faith will keep you strong and in this case, faith will grant you wishes. 

Since we realize that not everybody can take a pilgrimage to Kotla, we have made the pilgrimage for you.  In a spiritual summoning that called form the Chief Djinn at Kotla, Waale Baba, we were able to suck some of the magic from the pillar to put it into these pieces.  What we have now is essentially a portable piece of the Pillar Minar-e-Zarree.  When you wear this piece, you can ask for any wish to be granted and it will be granted.  You must make this wish without doubt in your heart, because this piece relies on the power of faith.  You can use this piece as many times as you'd like, but you can only ask for one wish at a time.  When that wish comes true, you can then ask for another one.  This is the only difference between the pillar and these pieces.  The Pillars granted all wishes at once, this piece will do one at a time.  Either way, it is a very powerful piece, contains the spiritual presence of the Chief Djiin, and will grant you any wish (and I mean any wish!) that you can verbally utter from your lips!  How amazing is that?  You're welcome.  Enjoy!

Chief of the Kotal Djinn; It's Everything You Could Want
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