Chinese Luck Dragon Bracelet

Chinese Luck Dragon Bracelet

I don't know about the rest of you, but I love Tokyo. The place has characteristics that make a person never really want to leave. It's like you could get lost in the culture and history forever. The Shintoists are the most fascinating people of all, with all their rituals, and their ability to communicate with their ancestors. It is a very spiritual religion, that requires a oneness of mind and body. In fact, it is this oneness of mind and body that will help you unlock the mystical powers that inhabit this bracelet.

I was given this piece by a friend of mine in Tokyo. He own one of my favorite places to eat in Tokyo. He gets a real kick out of what I do for a living. I'm not sure he believes in what I do, but he is always giving me little trinkets that he collects from one rendezvous till the next. He goes on and on about how this has the spirit of this and that one has the spirit of that. Normally, he just blows around a lot of hot air; once, he accidentally gave me a piece that opened up a huge hailstorm on my home. So, this time when he handed me a trinket that he had kept for me since my previous visit to the island. He didn't disclose what the piece was to be exact, he simply kept on saying ghost over and over again.

Well that was an epic fail!! I ran tests on the piece, seeing if I could perhaps get into contact with spirits of Japanese past. With no results I almost gave up, until I notices something that I hadn't notices before, on any of my other test s in the investigation of this piece. I was ultimately able to find out that this piece actually does have a special power. It has nothing to do with seeing dead ancestors, though.

This piece actually houses the essence of an ancient Japanese luck dragon. To activate the piece you must meditate on the thought of the luck dragon, summoning him and asking him to give you his blessings. Once he comes to you, you will experience good fortune and successful endeavors. Those things that were once seemingly impossible and unachievable will now come to you with ease. The luck dragon will assist you in coming into a vast supply of money, you must be patient for it to come to you, though. Do not be greedy with your luck dragon or use it for harmful purposes, as this type of behavior is frowned up by the Japanese spiritualists, and will cause the luck dragon to be redistributed to somebody else, leaving you in an impoverished state and with nothing.

Chinese Luck Dragon Bracelet
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