Chrome's Charisma

Chrome's Charisma
This item holds a vampire known as Chrome, he was the teacher of Alestair Crowley and Atilla the hun, the Marquis de Sade, Marie Laveau was his pupil as well.
He will be able to teach you to move things with your mind. He is also into BDSM and into death magic, but he has been instructed that killing is not allowed and he has agreed, so  he WILL NOT KILL anymore.
He is very sexual,  whether you are male or female, it does not matter.

Chrome has been a master teacher for decades, and is looking for his newest student.

He will come forth in your dreams, astrally, to impart techniques and skills, and will also fortify regiments of power to advance your occult skills and abilities.

You will also meet a mystery human, who he will send, that will help you on your journey. Sex will be desired, and this will be astrally, and also invited by the new individual that you meet --- as Chrome will overtake their body and feel you that way.

Be ready for a full fledged, power packed, encounter --- as he is ready to give, and get... are you ready to learn from a true master?!

Chrome's Charisma
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