Chromosomal Immortality

Chromosomal Fountain of Youth

Since times before any of us can remember, there has been a long search for the Fountain of Youth.  Now, depending on what you believe the Fountain of Youth has been found or hasn't been found.  Today, though I tell you that it doesn't matter about a Fountain of Youth, because if you want to achieve pure and organic immortality, the answers lie no further than your own body. 

In an underground research society funded by the United States' government, it has been found that the lenght of telomeres in a persons DNA have a direct correlation to the longevity of a person's life.   It can predict the life of a human even better than chronological age can.  As a whole, we are used to thinking of age in terms of years.  It has just simply become what we are accustom to.  For instance, a 75 year old man might be considered elderly, simply because he is 75 years of age.  Well, what happens when you take chronological time out of play?  What happens when time doesn't matter any more?  Well, then you have the telomeres tell a story of life. 

DNA is the building block of any type of life.  It is what determines genetic makeup.  By tracking the telomeres, you can fully see how the life of another individual is going to play out.  It has been discovered that energetic manipulation of the telomeres in a human can alter their lifespan, even to the point of immortality... which is where this piece comes in. 

No, this piece wasn't baptized in some secret source of water.  It was given the powers of genetic manipulation based upon the findings and holdings of an underground group of researchers and scientists at area 51. If has been given to me by my sources, who shall remain anonymous.  This ring holds a genetic transmutation that lengthen the telomere which serve as the endcap of your DNA.  The longer your telomeres, the longer you will remain in your physical form.  This item holds a genetic blast of energy that will give your telomere indefinite length, meaning that whoever is subject to this energy will receive immortality. 

When I say immortality, don't automatically assume that you are going to take your current physical state and stay that way forever.  That's not how it works.  This piece will give you immortality, but in a more subtle, less noticeable way.  Your body will continue to evolve and change.  You will notice that your body will begin to feel much better and more youthful.  You will find an abundant energy source that will flow through your body, making you feel like you're 13 again!!  Resilience will be added to your skin and you will become much brighter and much more handsome or beautiful.  You will become recognizably fresh and renewed.  However, you will still maintain the looks of age.  You will still age but a such an incredibly slow rate of speed that you will not notice.   A hundred years will become one and so on and so forth.  Plus, the more you bond with your piece the slower and slower the aging process will become.  It is possible to cease the aging process only by totally and wholly bonding with the powers and energies in your piece.  It will take some time, I'm not going to lie but when the bond is fully complete you will know, and you will be eternally thankful if immortality is your wish!

This is sterling silver with rose gold and yellow gold with a garnet. It represents rebirth and new growth.


Chromosomal Immortality
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