Circle Invokement

Circle Invokement

There are many, many ways to generate the majestic powers from the conjuring casting of a circle. Many are unaware of the circle of energy that impedes the rations of the Universe --- but this radiates the meditative patterns of relinquishing power.

This piece will reinforce the circle, which will allow you to take aim, and release the ritual reflections of pure strength that is withing all majestic items!

If you need assistance in granting a connection with your item(s) --- then you will want to get one of these~

The circle invokers will bind the ongoing permissible powers that surround you with the energies in the item and therefore grant you the the practitioner ecclesiastic parchments that will help you put your own personal power into use!

** This may sound confusing, but what it does is classify your spirit with the reflections of power in the Universe to grant you the informative powers of truths in the paranormal world.

Circle Invokement
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