Circle of the Dragons: Dragon Summoner

Chinese mythology is packed full of dragons.  Not like European culture, the dragons of the Orient were peaceful and wise.  They bore many gifts unto the Chinese people.  For instance, they gave them the gifts of rain and harvest.  They gave them the seasons.  They gave them many different types of gifts and wisdom since the ancient times.

Today dragons exist mostly in what humans would call spirit form.  They exist in a realm that is their own, but is parallel to our own.  It is the same way they have always existed, but like I've always said, human brains have become so dull that they can't recognize these types of things.  Our third eyes have grown completely and permanently shut.  It's a bummer too, because this is the kind of cool stuff me miss out on. 

Nonetheless, these dragon spirits exist in their own realm called the Circle of the Dragons.  Adita obtained this item from a Chinese Dragon Sorcerer.  He has mastered the ancient art of summoning dragons.  This is one of his summoning items.  However, this piece isn't like most other dragon summoning tools.  You see, most dragon summoning tools are designed to summon the powers one one dragon in particular.  For instance, if you want wealth, your piece will summon a wealth dragon for you. 

This piece is extremely powerful because it doesn't just do one dragon.  Rather, it holds the extreme powers of the Dragon Sorcerer, which will allow you to conjure ANY dragon that you want.  If you want one for wealth, wisdom, luck, magic, traveling to the realm of the gods, or something else, this piece will work perfectly for you.  This item literally allows you to conjure ANY dragon for ANY reason.  It doesn't just do Chinese dragons either.  It will do all dragons from all over the world!  This is the extreme dragon summoning piece!! 

This is an extremely rare piece.  It is made from 100% ivory.  It is very rare to find dragons in Ivory, but each one of these dragons represents the spirit of an elder dragon that will help you along your spiritual journey!!  Enjoy!

Circle of the Dragons:  Dragon Summoner
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