City of the Caesars

City of the Caesars

The City of the Caesars is a lost city in South America.  It used to be located somewhere in Patagonia in a valley of the Andes between Chile and Argentina.  Evidence of the place has never been found, although artifacts that have unexplainable connections to such a city have been found in the area.  This item is one of the items that has been found that bears a connection to the lost City of the Caesars. 

Reflecting upon this item in deep meditation provided me with an understanding of the lost city.  The city, which was built entirely out of gold and diamonds, was a haven for humans which was given to the Inca empire by the gods.  However, when settlers from Europe began to arrive in South America, they brought greed and envy with them.  This didn't please the gods, who created an alternate reality for the City of the Caesars, as it is called. 

The City was slipped into a space-time lapse, with enough space to accommodate for the entire Inca civilization.  This is why the Inca civilization simply "disappeared."  They simply traveled to a separate realm where they could exist alone with their city of wealth that was a gift of the gods.  Here, they live in peace and tranquility, in an altered state, enjoying the wealth and spiritual gifts their gods have given them. 

This artifact, again, is one that has a connection to the City of the Caesars.  It doesn't allow you to astral travel or anything like that, but if you meditate with the piece, you will be able to experience the altered state of the Inca people.  In this state you will feel completely at peace and ease with your own beings and your internal powers and abilities will come to the forefront of your mind. 

However, the most powerful part of this piece is the wealth powers that it has.  I'm not sure how old this piece is.  It doesn't appear to ancient or anything, but it definitely boasts a very powerful wealth connection to the lost City of Caesars.  It holds a direct connection to the powers that the gods of the Inca situated in the ancient mecca of wealth.  It will reach far out into the corners of the Earth to bring wealth and riches to you.  This power is extremely abrasive and will literally scour every detail of the Earth to bring you every last bit of wealth energy that it can, manifesting it in the form of monetary gain and fortune across every area of your life! 


City of the Caesars
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