Claude Reigns Estate

Claude Reigns Estate

As it stands, Pennsylvania has enough to paranormal activity to fill a never ending book of other worldly pleasures and delights. There have been lots of investigators that have visited the boundaries of the Keystone State, in search of answers and communication from another realm. Pennsylvania boasts a plethora of so-called paranormal research societies. However, most of them have gone mainstream to make a buck. Others are outsiders and don't really know the terrain and the legends. Who better than locals to gather all the details? Why, us, of course. We are the real deal, not sold out for fame, authentic, and local. These are our experiences.

This piece is a result of a séance that we held in the Claude Reigns Estate. Long story short, we there on official business because one of our clients invited us to take a look at the place. Names will not be given for privacy sake. What I will say, is this place is one of the most obviously haunted places that one could ever venture through.

Upon showing up, the outside of the building emanated paranormal activity. I'm not saying that it was good activity, but none of us were hurt in the process. With that being said, I will forewarn you that the piece that I am offering, which is our plunder from this investigation, is dark. It is chock full of dark energy that was pulled from this house and the mysterious people that lived here.

Upon entering the huge ivy covered Victorian home, there was a dense, heaviness that hung in the air. It was stiff and intense and the place was crawling with a multitude of unexplained mysteries and things that would perplex the normal human mind. However, we aren't exactly “normal” and we started our business immediately, so that way we could leave as soon as possible.

During our séance, we were able to to conjure the spirit of a servant who lived in the now defunct and in-ruins servant quarters on the estate. This particular servant was beaten to death by her master. It wasn't that she was a bad person, it was simply that she had perfected the art dark magic. She was using it to free herself of her servitude to her “master.” He was mean and treated his servants like garbage, and so this particular slave wanted revenge... and to escape.

When her master found out about it, he was infuriated and beat her to death. As her punishment for performing dark arts, she was put on the plantation in her afterlife to relive her strenuous life over and over again. However, she was willing to give us the secrets of her magic if we set her spirit free--- and so it was.

The piece that you see here holds the black magic of the slave described above. It actually gives you dual ability. It doesn't have to be used for dark magic, but the darker element can be brought to life and used as a very powerful magic. There are no limitations on this one. This piece should only go to an experienced black arts practitioner, as we have not cast any further protection spells on it. This is the perfect piece for someone who KNOWS what they are doing and can control spirits.

Claude Reigns Estate
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