Cleansing Powers

Paracelsus Premiere Power~

Alchemy encompasses a range of disciplines, including chemistry, magic, astrology, and even theology. Alchemists consider their profession as an attempt to better understand God's creation.

The alchemist Paracelsus opened up medicine to new possibilities, departing from the textbook medicine of his day in favor of observation and experience. In his own writings, patients and their illnesses are viewed more abstractly.

The biological, chemical, or physical cause of an illness was given priority over symptoms. To Paracelsus, fighting an illness meant not only identifying its cure, but also understanding how much of any medicine should be used. Since too much or too little of a medicine can produce undesirable effects, the ideal of learning the proper dosage was important.

Magic holds the same ingredient mixture, yet many do not want to note that they should not mix certain things or they may produce effects that they are not interested in.

Findings from Paracelsus were researched and explored by Isaac Baron, a Sorcerer from Mongolia. He used the techniques to invoke perfect elemental amounts of energy and power into items that he designed.

The pieces are incredible and fulfilled specifically to introduce amounts of strength that will produce power to those who adorn them.

We tested his first set of items and are now offering them to you. The testers enjoyed the fast ability granted with these pieces; if they are a hit with our customers we will obtain items from his next invoking group.

These items hold the vindication to cleanse your home. Many people have spirits lurking that they do not wish to be around; or they are unaware that they even reside in their home.

This power will not vanish spirits that are held within vessels, but the spirits that are secretly in your home. A cleansed home can bring forth ease between couples and allow you to better enjoy your family. Without knowing the activities of spirits can cause anger or frustration that ignites fights.

People often hear things that weren't said, or blames someone for something that they did not do --- many times these have occurred by a spirit that you are unaware of.

The specific level of magic placed in these emblems will rid the home of unwanted guests and they bring a sense of inner power to the home.

These are great for relationships that are struggling... the trouble might not be with you, or your partner... it may be a mischievous spirit ~!!

We only have one of these items left. It is a sure steal. Get it today!!
Cleansing Powers
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