Clip Your Wealth

I cannot tell you exactly how old this piece is, becasue I honestly don't know.  I can tell you at least this much.  The item is definitely an antique.  I can only be so sure because it is stamped with "1000", which is an old hallmark in Italy that was used to mean plated silver; it has been outlawed for years.  That's how I know this piece is definitely an antique and worth a little bit of money. 

Aside from the fact that this piece is an antique, it once belonged to an Italian Mob Boss named Marco.  He had the money clip made for him by a friend of his who was into sorcery and wizardry.  I guess he had some ties to the gypsies, some of which made their home in Milan.  Honestly, it was one of the only places that would accept them.  The gypsy from whom he learned was an immortal, around from the beginning of the banding of Gypsies when they would get booted out of places, because people were afraid of their very powerful magic. 

This piece was enchanted with a Gypsy Wealth spell.  You must use this piece to clip your cash.  When you clip and carry your cash around in it, the powers in this piece will be fully activated, because the powers in this piece need the energy of currency in order to work properly.  It is kind of like feeding it an offering, only you will not be at a loss of the money that you use this clip on.  You will be able to spend it. When you do, you will find that more wealth is given to you in many different forms-- and so your wealth will begin to snowball out of control.  However, I don't believe that out of control is necessarily a bad thing when referring to wealth.  I'm sure we all would like wealth that would snowball out of control  Well now is your chance.  Get this piece and you will be on your way to innumberable success and riches! 

Clip Your Wealth
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