Clove's Power

Clove's Power
This piece is for the vampire lover at heart.  If you've ever wanted to be a part of the affairs that go on in the life of a vampire, then this piece is for you, because it holds the very origins of vampiric presence.  For those of you who do not know, the aspect of being a vampire was reserved by the maker of universe, God, as a punishment for those who commit the gravest transgressions against the holy.  
If you all aren't aware of it, this was the fate that was given to the apostle Judas, for the betrayal of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene on the Mount of Olives.  He was arguably one of the most sacred apostles and closest to Jesus.  Unfortunately for worldly gain, he betrayed Jesus into the hands of the Romans.  And, well, you all know how that goes.  One thing led to another and before you know it, the murder of the the most powerful man to have ever walked the Earth was accomplished, legally, under the rule of Pontius Pilate.  
As for Judas, the so-called best friend of Jesus.  He couldn't live with his guilt, so he hung himself from a fig tree, readying himself for the end of his miserable life and the guilt he had to bear for the betrayal of the Messiah.  However, this was all part of God's plan, because he read Judas' soul and knew he wasn't up to par, and when Judas tried to kill himself, he was unsuccessful.  
Rather, Judas woke up hanging from a tree, not alive, but not dead either  He hung from the tree, not breathing because he no longer needed to.  There he hung for the next several days, thirsting for the blood of humans, unable to free himself.   This was to be his eternal punishment, as part of the damnation of the fig tree set forth by Jesus while he was still alive, thus the tree was to become the bearer of the ultimate bad fruit-- sin against those who are holy.  
Satan had his own plans though and put one of his demonic devotees into incarnate form, sending it forth to free Judas from his trap.  It did, and when it did, Judas killed the human form in cold blood and, biting it out of an unfamiliar instinct.  He sucked the blood from the human's vein, tossing aside its carcass with a newly found strength.  Judas knew what he had done was wrong, but couldn't completely admonish the rage inside of him that needed more blood.   This is how vampires came into existence, from the first bite of the Apostle Judas, and so on an so forth.  Since all of the Apostles were sanctified with Jesus' blessing, including Judas, who was also cursed with the blessings of Lucifer, vampires are neither good nor evil beings.  They just are.  They are undead creatures with magical abilities, superhuman strength and agility, powers, and understanding. 
What I am offering you now, is a piece that holds one of the Apostle Judas Isacriot's original victims. His name is Clove and he is a vampire that will offer you all the understanding of both Heaven and Hell, good and evil.  He will give you the power dual magic from both Heaven and Hell and mutual ability to converse with any being that exists supernaturally to the human plain of existence. 
Extraterrestrial beings, demons, angels, sprites, lost souls, other vampires, and such beings as those are the ones that I have encountered while testing this piece.  It will give you good rankings among any beings, because you will have powers that are original and authentic that will compare and contrast the powers of other beings by a huge margin.  
We have taken the liberty to apply a charm that will assure this piece cannot overtake your soul, so you do not have to be concerned as far as that goes.  This piece will be your servant, changing you to the ranks of vampires if you choose, or simply giving you the powers of vampires while remaining mortal, if that is your choice.  If you choose to be changed, you will obtain the immortality generatives associated with such a being, which could be your greatest gift or your worst demise, it just depends on your agenda and how you view it. You will not be immortal, just implored with the wrath of a being who it -- meaning you can live with much less care!
It is advised that you approach this power with great caution because of the extremities of its nature.  You will receive the piece that is depicted herein. 
Clove's Power
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