Club of the Isles,rare one of a kind!

What I am about to tell, I highly doubt that you will ever find out about anywhere else.  Well, maybe one other person who has been alerted to the evil doings to those few who rule the masses.  However, that man has simply been brushed aside as crazy even while the evidence that he suggests is apparent all around us.  As the world grows into a super-capatalist society where very few own most and there is no middle class, claims tha the Club of Isles is a real thing actually starts to make more sense to the mere human mind.  Nevermind the fact that those of us who are truly enlightened already know the truth.  But for those of you who still think that all people think like you do want the good of man kind to previal, you have completely-- and I mean completely-- lost your marbles.  I mean totally bonkers.  Look at all that has been going on lately.  Stock markets are plummeting, money markets are being rattled and becoming nearly nothing but you don't see any of the rich people worrying.  And I'm not talking a couple of million dollars rich.  I'm talking about richer, bar far, than Bill Gates rich.  These people exist.  The problem with these people, just like the Club of Isles itself, is that they don't exist.  Not on paper anyhow.  They may exist off the books, or in some cases exist as more than one person.  They don't want people to gain suspicion.  It's not like somebody finding out would do any good anyhow, because even if we could raise a few hundred thousand dollars to wager a legal battle or start a revolution, those are pennies to the amount of money these people have amassed.  

Although there is no actual physical proof or evidence that the Club of the Isles exists, I guarantee you that these people are well into the trillionaire range.  And the world though we had none of these.  Open up your eyes people.  So where does the wealth of these people come from?  Well even though there is no formal recognition of the alliance, their group command in excess of 10 trillion dollars.  They are predominantly royal households and princely families.  They control such corporate giants as Royal Dutch Shell, Imperial Chemical Industries, Lloyds of London, Unilever, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc, and Anglo American DeBeers.  They dominate the world in the supply of petroleum, gold, diamonds, and many other natural resources.  They are the descendants and heirs of those who actually had to work to make a living.  They have collected inheritances that continue to grow and grow.  Their operations killed thousands to millions of people each year.  They have not a care though.  Their only care is where they might obtain their next little bit of wealth.  They are like this because they have been manufactured to be like this.  They have turned to Satanic rituals and sexual orgy magic in order to sustain their wealth and their lifestyle.  The magic they get is entirely dark, as I'm sure you've heard before that money is the root of all evil.  It's true, but these people are so hungry for wealth that they are willing to compromise their souls to expand their wealth and geopolitical agenda.  Dark or not their wealth power has kept them in power and doing well for this long, so not that I endorse that type of magic, but it must be working out for them if they've managed this far.  I guess they don't really see the repercussions of their actions.  Either that or they simply don't care.  

In fact, it has gotten so out of control that the Club of the Isles intends to depopulate the Earth over the next three to four generations to go back to the Order of Feudalism that they had in Medieval times.  To do this, they have partnered with Satan himself in exacting magic that will cause epidemics and illness.  They have developed AIDS and fine-tuned Cancer.  Pollution fills our lungs and prescription drugs to treat illnesses are exalted.  They have also begun to water down the strong from the weak by altering and otherwise rotting the minds of people with mass entertainment organizations such as cable television networks, Internet providers, radio stations of the like.  The more humans who are self indulged in obtaining instant gratification the less that will find out what is really going on-- or catch on I should say.  Wars are being started for no reason.  The goal of the Club is lower the world population from 6 billion to 1 billion people.  The survivors will be allowed to stay in their state of mental bliss, while those in charge will go on to create a one-world state that the club rules over.  This is why some of Europe is at odds with the United States right now, because the Club wants the USA to become a British Colony but the elite in the USA don't want to.  Again, feudalism at it's finest.  Either way, these things are going on right now as we speak.  People have turned a blind eye, however, because they are too busy recovering from illnesses that have been inflicted upon them or catching up on this week's episode of Snooki and JWoww.   

If you want to be in the know, then look no further than this piece.  We have obtained this piece from a colleague of ours who has infiltrated the ranks.  He has fallen in good favor of some of the most influential and rich people that comprise the club.  I'm not sure how she has managed this, but from what I hear she has become one of the personal favorites of the Queen of England, herself.  It was especially helpful when she sent us this spare initiation piece that the Queen has dozens of, but of which only this ONE has ever left the hands of the Club of the Isles. 

This piece was sent to us expressly after its acquisition.  It has undergone several testing methods and each time has been concluded to contain the same type of magic.  Although this magic is extremely DARK in nature, we have found a way to blast this piece with white light so that way instead of it being dark and demonic, it is a dual piece.  The reason why it used to be dark and demonic is because this piece was one of many initiation piece that was made during the sex orgies and dark blood letting ceremonial rites that the Club has used in its devotion to Satan and wealth that he brings them.  Again, this piece is dual and contains not one trace of a demon or Satan.  However what is does contain is the EXTREME wealth powers of the Club of Isles.  Remember, the power in this piece is the same power that has gone forth to secure, resecure, and re-resecure the wealth of the Club of the Isles for generations up on generations.  All you have to do to activate the powers in this piece is where the item.  You will notice a difference, because this piece also makes for an elevated mood due to the fact that it is 100% pure magic.  The magic in this piece is expressly wealth powers.  I mean rich, full bodied, wealth powers that will begin drawing wealth to you as soon as you put this piece on.  Again, the piece is dual, so it will draw powers from ALL places.  The results are fantastic as you will see the acquisition of wealth begin to stack up.  Money will fall like leaves and this piece will be your rake, growing your bank account, job, and personal wealth in general.  It is the same magic that has attracted wealth for the world's group of most wealthy and powerfully elite that you know now are called the Club of Isles.


This is a very unusual ring and the only one I can get. I got this not just from someone who infiltrated but was part of them until he realized what was going on. At one point it was speculated that he helped kill a famous actress a long time ago and was having an affair with her but he wasn't. I know him because I have a place on Block Island and he does too. All of us that stay there do so for privacy. You can only get on by two ways,boat and airplane,thats it! He gave this to me because we go to talking about the Georgia guidestones and he said well this club did that and then told me all the horrid stuff and how he left. This is sterling silver and a size 8,this one was his wifes. Due to his privacy I can't tell you who he is as I did promise not to but after his death I can reveal it however even then I have no plans to.

Club of the Isles,rare one of a kind!
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