Coitus Reservatus <br /><br />

My grandfather always told me that the only way to get to Carnegie Hall is to, "Practice!  Practice!  Practice!"  Well, my friends, sex is no exception.  We live a world that has been overrun by sexual hormones and desires.  If you don't believe me, turn on MTV and watch a few music videos.  You could also turn on an episode of Jersey Shore and observe sexually rambunctious early twenty-year-olds talk about "smushing."  <br /><br />

For better or worse, our culture and society have been completely over taken by sex.  This piece gives testament to the fact that our culture is sexually explicit-- and always has been.  The concept of constantly chasing sexual gratification is not a new concept.  The world just hasn't always been so open and lewd about it.  This piece is also a testament to this concept.  <br /><br />

This power is an ancient Rosicrucian power known as Coitus Reservatus.  It holds the Spirit of Rocco, Patron Saint of Coitus Reservatus.  The practice of Coitus Reservatus involved penetration and holding out for an orgasm as long as you can by elongating the sexual encounter for as long as possible.  Orgasms were always preserved and treasured-- the longer the orgasm, the better... obviously.  It  was the root of esoteric magic including out of body experiences, astral travels, psychic development, and telekinetic energy.<br /><br />

With this piece, you will gain the energy of Coitus Reservatus through the spirit of Saint Rocco, who had mastered his craft.  This piece will give you orgasms like a pig-- ones that last five minutes or longer.  They will last in the sense that you will experience full esoteric orgasm, gaining the abilities mentioned above.  You will also be able to pass your new, incredibly long orgasm skills to that lucky guy or gal.  It is the ultimate spiritual sex piece and is ready for your pleasure and experimentation in the bedroom!!  <br /><br />

Coitus Reservatus <br /><br />
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