Coming Full Circle: A 360th Degree Mason's Power

Coming Full Circle:  A 360th Degree Mason's Power <br /><br /> 

You know that we love our conspiracy theories and Templars and Freemasons and all kinds of stuff like that.  We get these types of pieces in on a semi-normal basis, so they aren't really of a high rarity.  Keeping this in mind, I'd like to just begin this by saying this is the most powerful Freemason piece that I have encountered since I've been working with Haunted Curiosities.  It is an original piece of an individual who belonged to the Masonic Lodge of the Grand Orient.  He was a 360th Degree Freemason, which are the most important, but most secretly kept.  They are the Freemasons that hold all the powers and complete the Circle.<br /><br /> 

To really understand how powerful this piece is, you've got to understand the Hierarchy of the Freemason.  I must admit, it takes a while to really catch on, but here it goes, anyway.  There is the Council of 13.  They hold direct leadership over the Council of 33 a.k.a. Grand Masters.  Grand Masters are those who have traveled beyond the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry.  Thus, they are said to be the leaders of the Grand Lodge.  However, the misconception is wrong.  The true leaders of Freemasonry are the 360th Degree Masons.  They are few and far between and exist only in secrecy. <br /><br />

Freemasonry bases itself on a secret knowledge.  The Masons hold truths that stem from the original Temple that was built after the Exodus of the Jews.  These truths are both esoteric and alchemical in nature and are the original powers that were handed down across the generations from King Solomon.  Originally, this power was smuggled out of the Garden of Eden by Adam, but until King Solomon it wasn't entirely manifested.  The 360th Degree Masons are the ones that hold the Codex for King Solomon's magic-- Rather, they are the Codex of King Solomon's magic.  They are born of a certain bloodline and have the magic embedded within their existence.  They are the missing link of 360 degrees of knowledge, which is what allows the rest of the Freemasons to even have their power.<br /><br /> 

Now, let's take this one step further.  Where did King Solomon gain his powers.  Yes, of course the Bible tells us that is was from God, but God didn't just come down out of Heaven one day and zap him with a lightening bolt of enlightenment.  What God did do is give King Solomon the Kaaba.  The Kaaba was a Cube with perfect dimensions, because God is perfect.  Linguistically, this word is linked to ac cube, which means Great Orb.  Essentially, the gift that King Solomon received from God is an Orb of Esoteric and Alchemical Powers.  What this Orb contained was the very essence of God that allowed King Solomon to know-- and to practice-- all the powers that ever were, all the powers that currently existed to him, and all the powers that were to ever exist.  It was the All-Source of any power.  It was a Magical Orb that gave King Solomon the knowledge to be the supreme power of the universe, presiding over all other powers regardless of their nature or where they came from.  <br /><br />

King Solomon's powers have been kept alive by a bloodline of People that are his direct descendants and thus, are also the direct descendants of Abraham, Moses, King David and Jesus Christ, himself.  They are the 360th Degree Masons and they have been chosen to hold the powers of the Great Orb.  They are able to create any powers that can be thought up.  They are able to vanquish any powers that exist.  They have the knowledge of all powers that have ever existed or will ever exist.  Their bodies are Esoteric gold mines and they exhibit fully manifested psychic and telekinetic energies.  They can read and control minds.  They can see vivid, detailed prophecies of the future.  They can relocate to any point in time or spatial existence that they choose.  They can summon any entity and control it.  They can practice both black and white magic, because they can practice whatever they want with no limitations or setbacks.  They are the backbone of the Freemasons, which is why their identities and powers are completely covert. <br /><br /> 

Today, the ranks of the 360th degree Freemason include the leaders of the world.  They include the Bush Family and other American presidents, members of the Saudi Royal family, top officials in Europe, Catholic leaders from the Vatican, Chinese technology experts, Russian scientists and even Kofi Annan, the seventh Secretary General of the United Nations.  They fund secret operations that go on in remote places such as Antarctica, the Sahara Desert, and Siberia.  Their intentions have become domination and they control what goes on in the world today, using their magic to heavily influence and create the World that they want and envision. <br /><br /> 

This piece was the original possession of a 360th Degree Mason.  It was his token that allowed him to manifest the powers of he Masonic Lodge within him.  Think of it as a car.  The car is always there, but you need a key to start it and make it useful.  Without a key the car is essentially a pile of metal and fiberglass.  This piece will be your key.  It will not only insert the Bloodline of King Solomon into your existence, but it will kick start your magic.   It will transform your existence into that of a 360th Degree Mason.  This will essentially render you one the most powerful beings to have ever existed.  Period.<br /><br />

This piece was tested by each member of our investigation staff.  It was an amazing and exhilarating experience.  The energy this piece emits is a definite rush and sure-fire way to give you any and all abilities you were after-- plus tons more!! <br /><br />



Coming Full Circle:  A 360th Degree Mason's Power
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