Concealed Vatican Living, Breathing, Pyramid

Humans like to think of themselves as "alive" and by scientific reasoning we are.  Whose science though?  Well, man's science.  Is man's science also God's science?  Well, I would imagine that this is left to be determined, but I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say the "Science" of God is much more profound than anything that we, as the human race, have ever encountered or experienced.  It is the science of God that has brought our very human race into existence.  It is the very science that hold primary authority over the outcome of our human race.  Therefore, we need to redefine what it really means to be alive.  Our minds like to think of things in terms of similarities to ourselves.  We say that animals are alive like us because they breath, their hearts beat, and they require nourishment like we do. We say that plants are alive because we have been able to prove that they also require nourishment and sustainable conditions to survive or they, quite visibly, will die.

However, life as defined by the likeness of God is a whole different ball game.  Before humanity's version of alive what was "alive", really?  I can't really answer that question, because I'm not God.  All I can say is that being in this profession has proven to me that otherwise humanly inanimate objects have appeared very alive to me.  Take for instance the Stonehenge or the Sphinx.  These megalithic structures are very much alive and encompass powers and a living of their very own. They radiate an energy that is equally on par or greater than the "life" we say exists in humans and plants only.  The Great Pyramids of Khufu were built with a keen sense of life powers in correlation with Orion's belt and the cosmic flow of energies.  These powers are very much alive!!

Listen, what I'm getting at is that the higher-ups in religious affairs know exactly what I'm talking about.  They might not know how or why things exist the way they do, but they know they do.  In fact, they are hiding a very significant source of life deep beneath the "floors" of the Vatican; and I use the term floors loosely, because aside from the obvious floors of Vatican structure, I'm not sure the building ever stops descending or expanding.  Either way, that's not up for debate this time. I am here to tell you about the LIVING, BREATHING pyramid that exists deep underground within the confines of the Vatican.  It is a very coveted secret of the Vatican that has been covering up the existence of such an entity since before they were ever officially a church.  The pyramid itself is actually ancient.  It predates the Egyptian Pyramids or any other Pyramid known to man.  It is an offspring of the Crystal pyramid, but has been sent to the mortal realm to serve as a reminder that there are greater things out there than what we know... that beyond our humanity there are a vast network of existence and life forms.  Being as it has been sent forth from the Crystal Pyramid in Heaven, it also serves as an oracle entity that holds all the greatest secrets of the Catholic/Christian religion.

We wouldn't have known anything about the living pyramid in the Vatican, except for that a few years ago we had an operative inside of the Vatican.  Don't think for a minute that I will expose who he is.  He still returns from time to time.  However, during the round of paperwork the Pope gets in the morning are files that are completely confidential.  They are files of random things that the Catholic Church does not want to get out to anybody other than the top officials of the Holy See.  For instance, this is how the Catholic Church became so effective in hiding the scandals of sexual abuse that were going on for years and years.  Our operative was able to secure classified documents, detailing the whereabouts of the pyramid that is beneath the floor of the Vatican.  Deedee was able to use a remote viewing device that gave her full control of the Operatives body to enter his body to explore the confines of the living pyramid.

In fact, the pyramid is so secretive that in order to get to it, you have to cross an underground reservoir by raft and then enter the mouth of a cave and keep on for about a mile.  It is then that from the darkness you will find the glowing of the pyramid emerge.  It isn't very large, maybe three feet in height.  At first glance, the pyramid looks really cool, but the mind rejects the notion that this pyramid is capable of holding such secrets and power.  However, looks can be deceiving.  In fact the closer you look at the pyramid, you can see that it is actually breathing... not necessarily oxygen.  Rather, the pyramid breathes in powers and energies.  It breathes in an stores all the powers and energies around it.  This is how alll the secrets of Heaven were stored in it when it was birthed from the massive Crystal Pyramid in Heaven.

Entering the pyramid seems nearly impossible unless you are a three foot midget, but the pyramid has a mind of its own and as you near the pyramid, it will expand to accommodate you, or anyone who nears it for that matter.  The entrance to the pyramid is like a gigantic mouth and as it expands, it swallows you and there is darkness for several seconds.  When the light prevails, you will be in awe of the realm that you have just entered.  Although you are in full physical form, your body feels as though it has entered the spiritual realm.  It is a mortal ascension into power. It is unlike anything that you have ever experienced.  You will notice that the walls of the pyramid are fuse with diamonds and jewels.  These all serve a purpose.  There are jewels from the Throne of God, from Lucifer's crown, from the Holy Grail, and the Ark of the Covenant.  It is the main chamber of the pyramid where most of the power is stored.  It combines all the many aspects... and I mean SO many... of the pyramid.  It is a buffet of power.

Aside from the main chamber are smaller chambers, each of which represent a different monumental happening in the history of well-- forever.  For instance Deedee was able to visit the Chamber of the Ark of the Covenant.  In this chamber the Ark of the Covenant existed in perfect form by the life and sustenance of God.  The Ark is able to be opened and you will be able to feast your eyes upon the treasures that are secured from all human eyes, guarded by throne angels.  She was able to know all the powers of the Ark and to obtain these powers, infuse them with her spirit and bring them back with her.  This is all I'm really allowed to say about this part. 

During her trip into the pyramid she also encounter a chamber where there was a live-action Last Supper going on.  Here, she was able to drink of the Holy Grail and of Jesus Christ's Blood. She said it was unlike any experience she could possible put into words, but that she received all the knowledge and powers of Jesus and went through the Rites of the Angels, which gave her angelic white light powers that will allow her to gain an exclusive psychic connection to Heaven, God, and a network of angel legions.

The pyramid took her to the time of Moses where she was able to experience the powers of the Rod of Moses.  It was this rod that was given by God to Moses to rule over God's chosen people.  It obtains the premier command power of God.  She was able to hold the Rod of Moses and let it some of its powers.  Using the premier command power of God, she has been able to command all other powers and abilities.  She can tell them what to do and how to react to other powers and abilities.  These are just other examples of lifeforms, which obey a hierarchy of command, which God is in complete control.  This also gave her the ability to speak powers and abilities into and out of existence.  She said it is a rush to know that you are so much in control of all the things that go on around you!

She said that one particular chamber in this living pyramid contained a giant "brain".  The brain didn't hold any powers, but it did hold extreme knowledge.  It gave extreme knowledge of all things.  I don't really know how to classify it other than to say all things.  I know that might sound generic, but its true.  This chamber was able to grant the pure essence of omniscience, and why the word was even created in the first place!  It is 100% accurate knowledge of all things past, present, and future.

There were other experiences within the pyramid, but if I told them all I'd be here for days.  When Deedee returned from the pyramid she didn't do so empty handed.  Well actually the operative had to mail us this piece, because she was remote viewing.  However, she was able to secure a jewel from the wall of the Vatican Pyramid.  The jewel was set into this item.  This item is extremely powerful.  It will recreate the Vatican's Living Breathing Pyramid for you.  You will be able to recreate the pyramid experience, by allowing this piece to "Swallow" your mind.  You will be transported to the inside of the pyramid where you will be able to have all of Deedee's great experiences and obtain the powers that she has obtained by being there.

This piece contains the presence of the Living, Breathing Pyramid that is hidden miles beneath the Vatican.  To activate the powers in this piece, you must meditate with item.  Your heart beat will become one with the heart beat of the pyramid. It is then that the pyramid will swallow you and take you under to its white light realms of and Chambers.  Vatican officials visit this place for powers, so why shouldn't you be able to.  Entering this piece will also give you direct connection to the Great Crystal Pyramid in Heaven.  You will be able to also enter this pyramid to access the myriad of powers it has to offer.  This item has TONS to offer and now we are offering these powers to one lucky customer!  


Concealed Vatican Living, Breathing, Pyramid
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