Conjured Djinn Bottle

Conjured Djinn Bottle
This is a spirited vessel that is implored with a strong spell that has been casted to generate a pulling with the next human to utilize it, so that you can conjure a djinn into your life.
We have never been able to offer something like this -- a new found substantive spell, utilized by Merlin, has been cast to allow a human to pull in spirits and beings from other dimensions!
This has been imperialized to bring forth a majestic genie, djinn, to encompass the factors that your life needs! Pulled by you, from the forth of the spell, you will surely have a strong bond with the djinn -- and they will desire to live in this vessel, as it has been lavishly designed within for their comfort!
The imparted way to call forth the djinn from another dimension will be shared to the one who obtains this piece!
** This is an incredible item
Conjured Djinn Bottle
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