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Connection from Belief ~

My friend Steph told me about an experience that she had last year. One day she dozed off while working on her computer. She suddenly was awakened by a voice that said , "Look for me in the internet".

For some reason, she immediately understood the "me" to be the boyfriend she had in 1998-1999, which was quite a long time ago.

Like a robot she looked for him in the internet, which took her quite a while; she searched until the wee hours in the morning that day, and then continued for three more days.

She realized that she really couldn't remember his face anymore. In any case, eventually, Steph was brought to a site which had 7-8 pictures of someone who was very sick, in a wheelchair. The man had a tube coming out from his neck, and he was there was a woman in the pictures that she presumed to be his wife.

Steph could not associate this man's face as her former boyfriend; so, she continued her search.

Once in a while she would find herself back to the site with the sick man's photos. She decided to pull out old pictures and started to compare features of this sick man with that of her former boyfriend's, a good many years back.

She came to the conclusion that this sick man and her former boyfriend were the same person. She then left it at that, and thought it was over.

Steph went to church and had a mass said for him as advised by her friends and relatives.

For some reason, she found herself in "discussion" with this former boyfriend, in her mind which occurred while she was at work or just walking around. So, she discussed the "voice" with me.

I told her that perhaps he was dead and was trying to come forth through her? I suggested that she find out if he was still living!

Steph kept hearing him in her mind and before she was able to try to contact him, his voice told her to write him a letter. She asked him how? Where would she send it?

So, she looked for his email but couldn't find one. She went to the site of the sick man and was brought to a list of email addresses of the members of the site. She chose three email addresses and told the recipients about this story I just told you now. She was still ambivalent to the fact that she had the correct information about this ex-boyfriend; the sick man she found on the internet.

By the way, her former boyfriend and his family lived in Philadelphia, where she also lived for 6 1/2 years until she moved to the West Coast in 2002. While in Pennsylvania, she never had thought of him or had any idea that he was still in the same state, and even if she had an idea she would not be interested to contact him at all.

In any case, the emails she sent were returned back for some "error". So, in her mind, she did what he asked and tried to communicate with him but to no avail.

The voice then instructed her to find his postal address on the internet. She knew he would keep nagging her, so she found his name, but the name's address was about 4 years younger than what I thought was his age. So, she thought this couldn't be him. In any case, Steph didn't think of sending him a letter by post.

A week after, she was headed to Central PA to attend her high school reunion. While she was resting in the hotel, the voice came to talk with her again, pushing, insisting, that she should send him a letter by post.

Steph told the voice that she didn't know how and where to send it to. Anyhow, she found herself rewriting the content of that email that was returned to her box as error. Steph also put in that letter that "she felt weird while writing the letter and that she was not really sure what she was doing.

She also said, that if her former boyfriend would not be well enough to read her letter to please tell him that "she forgives him for whatever it was that he did to her, and that she also asked forgiveness for whatever it was that she did to him..a long, long, time ago, that she had two masses already said for him. She also stated that if this letter would make any sense to please give her a response so she would know what was going on and to throw the letter away if it didn't make any sense".

She checked on the internet and went back to that site where she found his name but with his age 4 years younger. This time however she found his age to be his possible correct age.

So, it was his address this time. That was the address she wrote on the envelope.

A week later, she received an email from his wife telling Steph that her husband was in a comma since November, 2007, and that they were happily married for 10 years and they had 3 children.

His wife wrote that she was surprised with Steph's letter and wouldn't have replied to it if not through the prodding of their children.

Steph responded to the email and repeated the circumstances that led her to communicating with him/them and that she never met her husband during the last 10 years.

Steph told her the story of the relationship she had with her husband. There were many episodes which she could not have remembered ordinarily, but which were all brought back to her recent memory.

Steph told her what she could have done that must have hurt him in the past but she really can't remember anymore what wrong he did to her in the past, which would still matter now. She told his wife to please whisper to her husband, just for the heck of it, that "Steph is praying for you".

Steph doesn't know if her message was ever relayed, but that Saturday, his wife and children must have visited him at the hospital because she received his wife's email informing her that "they had to take him home as the doctor informed them that he would not receive any medicine anymore".

Steph emailed his wife to inform her that she would have another mass said for him. A week after this last communication with his wife, his wife emailed Steph that her husband passed away. The family was now preparing for the funeral.

Steph sent her condolences, and flowers, but did not attend the funeral.

Two weeks after the funeral, Steph received a package in the mail from the mans wife.... it was a picture she found of her husband and Steph from years back along with a package that was wrapped with Steph's name on it; his wife included a note that she found this in his personal safe deposit box that she just went through.

Steph opened the package to find this amazing piece --- the stones sparkled and the energy was intense. She didn't understand what this was for.. and then under the piece she found a small note that showcased the connection.

Jake, her ex, knew that Steph was a believer of magic and occult power. When they were dating it was actually a big hindrance on the relationship --- he thought she was unpure or evil and that is one of the things that affected their relationship, Steph didn't really recall this until she read the note... then it all came flooding back ~

A few years after his break up with Steph, Jake took a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. He partied and had a blast and met a mysterious woman who showed him her extreme powers of magic. Jake was taken into her 'shop' and shown a variety of pieces that she had evoked with power. After witnessing spells and magic happen in front of him, he purchased this piece for Steph without much thought --- he couldn't believe he didn't believe her.

By this time he was already engaged and they were expecting their first child, so Jake decided once back at home that he would not try to contact Steph; he bought the piece without thinking about the fact that it may be odd to contact her now.

As he grew sick, Jake remembered the piece and started to work with it ---- this is how Steph was able to hear him in her mind; the item holds a spell to enchant your voice and feelings into the mind of someone you choose~

Jake was contacting Steph through the magic in the piece and then once he knew he was on his death bed, he wrapped it with the note and put it in his safe deposit box.

Steph now has been able to contact Jake, after death, by holding this piece -- he got to share his sorrow for not believing her ideals and knowledge of the occult and realizes that they could have had a different outcome to their lives if he would have been willing to understand and believe.

Since he was able to proclaim his apology and understanding to her, she asked him if it would be okay to pass on the piece to help someone else, Jake was fine with that~ so now the piece is available to you!

The majestic woman from New Orleans energized powers of spirit speech, majestic knowledge and energy connection through any aura blockage. This ultimate piece is a power emblem that showcases the strength of changing ones mind to understand that occult powers work and that waves of energies align to allow you to connect with someone through thought and desire and also emerge the process to speak and contact those who have passed~


Connection from Belief-F
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