Constellation Djinn

This piece goes along with, but is different from the spirits of the constellations piece.  While we were writing the description for the Spirits of the Constellations, we discussed having found different types of entities.  When we were travelling using the powers in the blueprints, we came upon a different type of djinn that we have never before hand witenssed.  It is a brand new concept and a brand new type of entity.  They are called the Constellation Djinn.  
Since the constellations are the blueprints of all facets of life from birth to destiny, this means they encompass all things.  They know all things.  It's even safe to say that through their knowledge they are all things.  To be only educated by the existence of one constellation is to leave most yourself uneducated.  Why not use this piece that brings you the powers of all the constellations via an entity known as the constellation djinn.  
These constellation djinn have spent years in and around the constellations, in fact they were born of their power.  Having been around the constellations, the constellation djinn know all things.  Since they know all things they are able to grant all things.  By all things, I literally mean all things.  From wealth to astral travel.  From love to time manipulation.  From healing to using dark matter to create portals to far away forms of existence.  Whatever you want to do or accomplish in life, the constellation djinn have the ability to grant you the power to do it.  All you have to do is ask it of them.  
We believe these djinn have been created directly by the hand of God through the powers of the constellations.  The reason we say this is because their power is so thorough and so abundant.  They will never stop work for you.  As long as their is something you want done, something you want to see, or something you want to learn, something you want to create, something you summon, this is the piece that goes above and beyond all other types of djinn.  This is the constellation djinn!  
Constellation Djinn
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