Continued Communication

Continued Communication

My friend Amy lost her sweet grandma, whom she called Maw-maw, about two years ago. Maw maw basically raised her and was her inspiration and idol on how she goes about living her life.

Amy has 3 children and the oldest 2 were exceptionally close to her as well, her youngest was only born after Maw maw lost her battle and passed on.

Amy still has some emotional days because she would turn to her grandma for everything -- she was her rock!

She talked to me often about wishing that she could talk with her one last time, or simply knowing she was with her. I searched our inventory because we have many spirited items that can link you to the afterlife and I found this piece.

I didn't want to tell her anything about it, other than she should place it somewhere in her main living area. The piece was tested and noted to bring forth sensations and impacts of communication from loved ones who are deceased.

Amy had the piece at her home for 6 days when she called me with exciting news~!

Amy was in the kitchen doing the dishes and she heard the phone ring, but she had her hands wet and thought she would let the machine get it. Then when the answering machine kicked on she heard "hello".. "hello" -- it was her Maw maw! She would know her voice anywhere! She got instant chills and ran for the phone. There was no sign of
a call on the caller i.d. directory and no messge was kept on the machine~

She had the experience, and she heard Maw maw -- and now knows she is with her and there to talk and listen.

Amy gave me the biggest hug and kiss for letting her use this piece -- and now it is available for you to have your own experiences with those you long to contact from beyond~!



Continued Communication
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