Controlling Destiny


Before you can even begin to tap and direct the channeled powers that we are all born with you need to understand the core principles that are implanted in our souls.<br /><br />

You were created with Power, therefore you ARE Power! You control this Power with your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.<br /><br />

There is no good or evil, only desirable or not. If you don't like something, use Power to change it!<br /><br />

Of course, there is much more to learn before you can adequately tap and direct the Infinite Power of the Universe, but you can directly use the forces that you were endowed with at birth if you integrate the force to release the impactment that holds these abilities.<br /><br />

Just like cancer cells are within all of us, so are these forces. Not everyone gets cancer though, it is all a factor of how the elements roll out -- and that is the same with the relinquishment of powers.<br /><br />

Years of research implanted the knowledge of how to release the abilities into your life, and it is through a sensation of a certain degree of a magical force. This information was kept secret for a while in Occult societies, but recently came forth in pieces that are charged with the correct degree of force that will rationalize the release of born powers into your body, thus changing your aura and flowing powers into your life.<br /><br />
Power is a natural force of the Universe, and as such, obeys certain mathematical laws just as any other natural phenomenon. But don't worry that this may be too complicated for you to understand, as this is what was figured out in the years of research... and so all you have to do is adorn this piece to contribute the relinquishment into your life!<br /><br />

~ The powers will come forth in your dreams to showcase what was instilled within you at birth -- and it will implore a majestic surge to allow you to utilize the amazing powers!<br /><br />

Controlling Destiny
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