Corian, the Cambion

Corian, the Cambion

This piece holds an incredible Cambion Spirit name Corian~

Cambions are half human/ half succcubi --- this item holds a male cambion.

Corian  is a beautiful, stunning man with dark hair and eyes! He is more beautiful than most humans~!

He brings with him the power to bring forth any man, or woman, that you desire! Corian is a great companion and will give you stamina in all areas! If you lust for those who are currently "out of your league", do not worry -- as with the enchantment brought forth from Corian you will have no problems attracting who you are attracted too.

Corian will give you the power to persuade anyone, and also grant you the power to have the most ultimate sex you have ever encountered every time you wear this during a sexual encounter.

If he is calling to you please listen.... as he will fill your days with love and beauty you could only imagine!!! 

Corian, the Cambion
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