Corsican Wealth Mafia

Ever wonder how the rich stay rich and the poor are always getting poorer?  The economy takes a turn for the worse and then the people on the bottom are in the dumps but the people at the top seem to soar higher than ever?  Well, I can tell you right now that the world is run by a group of elites that are also deep into occult magic and have their mortal and immortal souls already sold for wealth here on this mortal plain.  It's really sad once you really think of it.  This existence is just ONE of many layers of existence that our souls will travel through and these people couldn't even make it past this stage.  Tsk tsk.  

Anyway, what I'm getting at is most of the people who are on top are on top because they have used some sort of occult magic to get there and stay there.  I'm not talking about your rinky dink, "Oh, look at me I won American Idol and now I'm a rich popstar" type of rich people.  These are the nouveau rich and I'm not too concerned about them.  Rather, I'm after the old money.  I'm talking about the Rockefellers, the Kennedys, the Vanderbilts, the Carnegies, etc.  I'm talking about the people the rule the world.  I'm talking about the people who control the majority of the wealth.  Even in the great land of the free, these people can't attribute their wealth solely on their own effort.  I mean, they do, because they don't want there secret to get out.  However, contrary to the cliche, "Practice, Practice, Practicing" isn't the only way to get into Carnegie hall or the legion of the elite.  You have to know something-- you have to have magic.  

This is how the Corsican Mafia came to rise in France.  For a long time they were the biggest rivals of the United States CIA, not because the CIA wanted to do the right thing and disband this corrupt regime, but because the CIA wanted their wealth powers.  I mean, after all, the CIA basically works for the Illuminati, the group which runs the show here in America and in most places in the world.  Electoral College?  Yeah... right.  Anyhow, this Mafia was the second largest, only to the Italian Mafia, with the reach of its empires spanning 5 of the 7 continents.  They were up to their knees in affairs such as drug and arms trafficking, prostitution rings, money laundering, contract killings, casinos, gambling etc.  However, their biggest hit was the underground trade of magic powers and items that contain magical powers.  While not necessarily illegal, this trade was concealed and kept secret simply because of the nature of the goods.  They are some of the most coveted and sought after pieces-- even to the Illuminati, the already ruling and filthy rich elite whose souls are stained black from greed and who always want more of everything-- power, money, magic, etc.  

This item is a wealth item that was highly sought after by the Illuminati, but has never been able to be obtained.  This is because this piece alone is the wealth power that brought about the creation of the entire Corsican Mafia.  It is the power and magic that gave them the ability to obtain the wealth and power and influence that was necessary to become a major, underground world power.  I'll be honest with you, I'm not entirely sure where the origins of the piece lie, but that is part of the mystery and excitement of this piece.  It holds the most unique and unexpected wealth powers.  You will be able to meditate with this piece to call upon the wealth spirits that hose th tiem.  They will them become alive to you, bringing about the same wealth and power that the Corsican Mafia experience with this piece.  The wealth powers in this item are EXTREME.  They will begin working almost immediately and the more you use your item, the more intense and direct the power and energy in this piece will become.  It will pull in wealth for you in any form that you want it-- magic, money, power, influence, etc.  The reason that we have this piece is because the Corsican Mafia, even though there have been false rumors of disbandment, have adopted a different wealth item for their group.  However, we don't mind, because now we get of offer these extreme wealth powers to you!! 


This piece is a ring about size 11 in all sterling silver and is also at a very,very low price! This is very powerful but you can only use that word so many times in a listing. The energy that this holds is felt when you place it on,the changes are fast and do not to start making the changes you need in your life and that of your family. This ring can also be used to solve problems that are marital,financial and family,revenge or to stop people from disturbing or doing ill works to you. This is actually the entire package with money being the main focus.

Corsican Wealth Mafia
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