Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness

Ever have deja vu and wonder what the heck is going on in your mind? Well, you’re not alone. It happens to me all the time, and apparently is a frequent occurrence among millions of Americans. It is more common than you think, to experience deja vu or something like it, and there a reason behind it.

In astral theory, Cosmic Consciousness is the theory that the universe isn’t so complicated; it is merely a network of consciousnesses that are both independent and interdependent. The consciousnesses, AKA cosmos, are individualistic. Each person has their own higher conscious that makes him or her who they will be; however, each respective cosmos comes from the Absolute of existence. To this Absolute our cosmetic energy will return, being recycled and used to form a new subsistence of cosmetic energy that will turn into a new cosmos and rebirth a new individual.

Well, the piece the you see above, I have obtained from a client that is actual a Wiccan High Priestess. The piece invokes the power of the Mother Goddess, giving you her wisdom and perception. It calls upon her very soul to save the human conscience from the cosmetic cycle. All things come and go in due process; however think of this piece as kind of an anti-cosmos. It will keep you above the cosmetic influence. You will have the unique ability to remember all of your past lives and positions. You will be able to peer into your deeper, inner consciousness-- the part of your mind that allows you to recall everything you have ever been a part a of. You never know, maybe you were Abe Lincoln in a past life, or Napoleon Bonaparte, or Washington. Who knows, the possibilities are endless.

Additionally, since all cosmos are interconnected and inter-related, you will gain the unique ability to peer into others’ minds and find out what they think, how they are feeling, etc. You will even be able to alter the consciousnesses of others, taking the parts that you want for yourself and leaving whatever is left over for them. Use this piece responsibly, as it has a strong association with the Angel of Destiny, and trust me, you don’t want to piss him off, or you might not have a conscious being at all.

Cosmic Consciousness
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