Cosmic Coordination of Manifestation

Cosmic Coordination of Manifestation

Cosmic Ordering is the art of making things happen in this plane of existence, or material world.

f you place your desire or wish in the field of intent it will manifest in the material (real) world.

For centuries sorcerers have practiced real magic for healing, gain and enlightenment. They have done this through meditation and incantation,
often with astonishing results.

You may have read about the success gurus like Anthony Robbins and Robert Allen who achieve great success for themselves and others by creating goals and focusing on them every day. Visualizing each aspect in detail, this is a basic principle of manifestation but not the whole story.

How can you reach this magical field of intent without years of commitment and practice?

How can we make our dreams become reality, our wishes come true, our desires manifest?

With this piece that was created during the Lunar Meteor Shower of 1948.

How does this piece work to prosper manifestation?

The powers in the piece focus their intent on your wishes and desires, and then surge abilities for manifestation through your brainwave

The ability to manifest has a reproducible and re-creatable brain pattern. We have been able to recreate this pattern using isochronic harmonics and brainwave entrainment.... which has been empowered into this item from the affects of the Universal elements that the Meteor shower prevailed~

This basic manifestation pattern is available in the cosmic ordering isochiral, and when this pattern of energy connects with a cosmic surge, such as this meteor shower, the remnants of power become strong and very evident!

The kinetic merge happens very rarely and this is why the piece is so special.

With this piece you can implicate the manifestation of your inner most desires  --- bring your dreams to life ... reach your goals, and fulfill your fantasies -- when the power of this piece fuses with your  aura you will be enriched and empowered from the cosmic ordering... and in turn will find the things you long for manifesting in your life~

Cosmic Coordination of Manifestation
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