Cosmic Re-entry

Whether or not you follow your astrological sign or not, we all have the characteristics of the cosmos embedded deep withinour soul.  Some are more in touch with these cosmos than others.  The cosmos are the energies that in all of us that we can open to create our correlation to cosmic powers and charges.  In most people these power and abilities lie dormant.  Those that take the initiative to awaken these powers, enjoy a constant flow of cosmic powers from the astral and zodiacal realm.  It invigorates their 6th sense abilities and opens their third eye psychic energy! 

If you were born under the Leo star sign, then I have good news for you!  If you weren't I still have good news for you.  This piece will bond immediately with those born under the sign, Leo.  If you weren't you can still use this part, you will just have to put a little more work into it via meditating and bonding.

This piece holds a direct cosmic energy flow energy that will give you the powers mentioned above-- invigoration and opening of your 6th sense abilities and fortification of third eye psychic energy! 

Cosmic Re-entry
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