Cosmo Power Book: Gemini

Cosmo Power Book<br /><br />

Tomer, our new vampire, gave us a book called the Abbadel.  The abbadel is an all-telling source of the power of cosmos.  Tomer wrote this book after staying in Egypt for years and learning the ways of the astrological magic of the Egyptians.  He mastered the summoning ceremonies used by the Egyptian sorcerers.  <br /><br />

We were able to use this book to summon a variety of creatures from the cosmos to perform various types of magics.  This one holds the following: <br /><br />

Don't live apart, Sexy and Smart:  This entity is the spirit of Gemini.  If you know astrology, you know that twins are called Gemini.  They wear two faces.  We have conjured this concept from Gemini to make this piece work for you.  The stereotype says that smart girls can't be sexy.  It also says a sexy girl can't be smart.  That's not how it is, but that's what people think.  Unless, you summon this entity.  It will give you a surge of both beauty and intelligence.  This will increase your attractiveness, making you a more desirable person all around.  <br /><br />


This amazing transformatory piece is set in very conducive sterling silver.  The red tintied gem is very power and will bring about intelligence and beauty. 

Cosmo Power Book:  Gemini
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