Cosmo Power Book: Lovely Little Sex Pots

Cosmo Power Book<br /><br />

Tomer, our new vampire, gave us a book called the Abbadel.  The abbadel is an all-telling source of the power of cosmos.  Tomer wrote this book after staying in Egypt for years and learning the ways of the astrological magic of the Egyptians.  He mastered the summoning ceremonies used by the Egyptian sorcerers.  <br /><br />

We were able to use this book to summon a variety of creatures from the cosmos to perform various types of magics.  This one holds the following: <br /><br />

Lovely Little Sex Pots:   This being manifests itself as a naked man or woman-- whichever you choose.  It will then come to you and deliver the secrets of cosmological sex, giving you the ability to have astral sex with mindblowing orgasms.<br /><br />

This piece is beautifully crafted out of very powerful Sterling Silver.  It is ornate with different types of precious stones.  It will give you the power ot have sex with any entity that you choose.  Your Sexpot will take the form of anyone or anything you want to have sex with-- YES!!  Even Llamas!!<br /><br />

<br /><br />

Cosmo Power Book:  Lovely Little Sex Pots
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