Cosmo Power Book: Other Worldly Warrior

Cosmo Power Book<br /><br />

Tomer, our new vampire, gave us a book called the Abbadel.  The abbadel is an all-telling source of the power of cosmos.  Tomer wrote this book after staying in Egypt for years and learning the ways of the astrological magic of the Egyptians.  He mastered the summoning ceremonies used by the Egyptian sorcerers.  <br /><br />

We were able to use this book to summon a variety of creatures from the cosmos to perform various types of magics.  This one holds the following: <br /><br />

Other Wordly Warrior:  We found this guy flying around the cosmos and decided to keep him for the purpose of conjurance using this piece.  He is exactly what we said-- a warrior.  You can conjure his existence to help you get through any tough obstacles you are having.  Whether they are physical, mental, emotional, or psychological, this piece will allow you to overcome all obstacles in your life. <br /><br />

Additionally, this piece holds an astral shield.  This shield will keep you spiritually safe and protect you from curses and hexes.  It will blcok the malice of all other entities towards you own being.<br /><br />

Cosmo Power Book:  Other Worldly Warrior
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