Crealla DeMal/F*

Crealla DeMal/F*

Crealla DeMal is a female water spirit that is honored in Africa, the Caribbean and parts of North and South America. Crealla has the upper body of a human and the lower body of a fish. She will appear as a human woman, she is elegant and exceptionally beautiful, with gorgeous eyes, a light complexion and always wears the clothing of the latest fashion and a multitude of shiny jewelry. Whether she is in human or Mermaid form, Crealla DeMal carries expensive baubles that hold her immense psychic power and divinity abilities.

She is unpredictable with her encounters with humans; she is known to kidnap swimmers and take them to her underwater realm; releasing them when they promise fidelity to her cult. She is believed to be responsible for the strong undertow that kills many swimmers along the coast. However, she is also believed to gift her followers with material wealth and spiritual accomplishments.

When bonding with this piece you should wear red and white articles of clothing because these two colors call upon her and she will be more attracted to your desires. You will be possessed by her spirit and will receive her advice and blessings once you bond with her and understand her brilliance.

This piece was washed ashore on an island in the Caribbean; this power pack piece will bring you wealth and allow you to obtain the psychic and divine visions that Crealla holds ~

Crealla DeMal/F*
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