Creation Clay of the Gods

Creation Clay of the Gods

Across many cultures the story is the same.  Whether it is from the Egyptians teachings or Christian teachings, or the Sumerians, or the Muslims.  There are many more but there are too many to list.  These are all examples of peoples with religious indoctrination that teaches that humans were made of a supernatural clay, or is some cases dirt, into which God breathed the breath of life.  However, where did this clay come from? 

This is where the story gets interesting.  Recently, Mars Rover, Opportunity has continued to impress when it came across clay deposits on Mars.  Scientists are saying that this indicates that there are certain specific minerals on the face of Mars that would allows for sustained life and clean drinking water.  However, the samples that have been sent back to Area 51 tell a different story.  With that being said, the investigation into these samples has been a covert operation because of the nature of the potential that the investigation holds.

A source that we have on the inside of this investigation that has been being conducted underground in a bunker of Area 51, tells of a supernatural aura that this clay sets off.  An item that has been made with this clay has been sent to us for examination and this is what we have come up with.  We all have unique psychic ability, but this one spoke to us in a voice so strong that I don't any of us has experienced anything quite like it.  This piece has been made with clay that is the creation clay of the gods.  It holds the very powers of the gods that was used when creating Adam and Eve, or as Allah when he formed man and woman out of clay or as Prometheus when he formed a man out of clay.  The clay is the sustaining magic that allows the breath of life to exist inside of all humans and has apparently been shored up inside of a remote part of Mars for safekeeping.  The ability that it gives you is simple, but very, very powerful.  It allows you to create. 

You can use this piece to create any life form that you choose, with the exception that whatever you create will only exist in spiritual form.  You can use this piece to create anything that you want-- angels, vampires, werewolves, sorcerers, fairies, elves, djinn, leprechauns... whatever.  Again there are no limitations on what you can create and how you can use them.  For example you can use the piece to create a djinn to grant you wishes, or a leprechaun to find you gold/wealth.  You can use this piece to create a sex fairy or to create a sanguine vampire to obtain his powers.  It is literally limitless and has no bounds!!

**This was a santioned piece that was granted from the remnants of an investigation of Mars. It has been marked with an "M" to indicate the pathway of glory that creates life forms from the invoked energies!

Creation Clay of the Gods
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