Creature Emissions

 My parents said the "psychic gene" was in the family. From a very young age I've seen things, felt things, even been places that I've never seen as a adult. But the most vivid tale was one time I was about 5-7 years old.

Before bed, my grandpa and I would watch TV and simply pass out when we were tired. I distinctly remember he went to sleep, and at the foot of the bed was a large ogre of a man, probably 7 feet tall, 400+ pounds, and green like the Hulk. This figure was just setting crouched down and watching me, unflinching.

I tried to wake up my grandpa, but he never woke up. So there I was, trapped in the room on the bed with the most wicked sub-human beast staring at me. I forgot what happened, I just remember the figure never went away no matter how many times I looked and closed my eyes.

The creature kept visiting me over the years, and I later realized that it was my power source --- a being that regimented all of my birthed energies -- he would come forth to allow me to charge and create aspects of my identity. I learned this from my Grandmother who was a well known psychic. She said she thought my mother would have told me about the being, but she did not -- so this thing that scared me, was a blessing that linked down in my family tree.

I was able to extract the creature once I was an adult an decided to utilize the world with my own learned traits. He was forecast into this item and will relinquish himself upon whoever connects with this piece.

He will help grant you the use of the powers and ablities that you were granted at birth -- you will be SHOCKED by how many you have within you! For someone who has never been able to utilize this kind of creature, you will be mesmerrized by the access of having a being that will help you on your pathway of life!!


Creature Emissions
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