Crotch Sourcing

Crotch Sourcing This is an elevated piece with generative traces of summoning particles that will implement amazing arousal in your groin. This was made to fit on to your belt, and be worn... as you want the sensation near your groin -- the emphasis of this piece is going to remit amazing strengths that will attribute improbable energies to advance your sex life. With the stress of life and the re-precautions of society there are times when your sex drive simply lowers. This becomes a big issue in the stance of a relationship, because your partner may be raring to go and you could care less! You may even be the one with the raging hormones and your partner has little, to no, interest. If this is the case -- then this is the piece for you, or them! Adorn this on a belt, worn by the one who needs a charging, and the energy within the stone of the piece will channel and infuse the wrath of sexual awareness, tendering facets of tantalizing pleasure -- this is a great piece to bring back the sex life you once had, or maybe have always dreamed of ~!
Crotch Sourcing
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