Crowley's Connection,AUGUST SALE 77

Crowley's Connection We were in Mississippi on an investigation a few months ago and we met an incredible woman! Sitting in a booth in a small diner we were chatting about the task at hand to pull out lurking spirits from a very haunted mansion when a little old woman walked over and started talking to us. She said she heard us talking about spirits and ghosts and she had to see what we were doing! The woman's name was Mabel and she was the great niece of Aleister Crowley. She said how she hears so many critical things and negative components on his identity and legacy. "People do not want to allow themselves to believe in the glorious respect of the spirit realm", Mabel said. She was a fascinating woman with many stories. We ended up being in the diner for over 6 hours... I am not sure how the server felt about us taking up their table for so long, but we made sure to leave a big tip! Mabel invited us to her home to see her collection of pieces and things from her great Uncle. The items were amazing, historical and priceless. She said that her family has dwindled down and there really aren't many members left, especially that believe or who are interested in the items she has. We got to hold, touch and work with a variety of the pieces and were all offered one item to keep!! She was impressed with our stature, what we do and the facets of our lives. We were in awe and each selected a piece. She then showed us the most controversial piece, the item that connected Crowley to Aiwass... the one who granted him the dictation of "The Book of the Law." The majestic power of this Holy Guardian is unbelievable... Crowley went to great pains to argue that Aiwass was an objectively separate being from himself, possessing far more knowledge than he or any other human could possibly have. As Crowley writes in his Confessions: "I was bound to admit that Aiwass had shown a knowledge of the Cabbala immeasurably superior to my own" and "We are forced to conclude that the author of The Book of the Law is an intelligence both alien and superior to myself, yet acquainted with my inmost secrets; and, most important point of all, that this intelligence is discarnate." Deedee kept in touch with Mabel and asked her a question about a client who needed help with discarnate intelligence and she offered us the incredible piece to work with! We were honored and helped the client... and they when Deedee called to ask her how she would like her to mail it back, whether through the U.S. Postal Service, or FedEx, Mabel told her that she was at peace with being able to help others with it... and told us to put it up for sale. She said she was offered hundreds of thousands for this item, but we know that is a limited number of people who can afford that, so we are making it more affordable! This piece will connect you with Aleister's Holy Guardian Angel, the highest unity to bond with you and grant you evident, inconceivable ingenuity in all expressions of magic and the paranormal. You will be amazed by the potent and significant things that will come forth to you; divine reflections of irrefutable knowledge, astonishing understandings of pure magic and white light blessings, awareness of enumerated discoveries and interpretations of Crowley's advancements! Gain the opportunity to have this outstanding and one of a kind piece in your collection~ WE NEED TO BE UPFRONT ON THIS PIECE. IT IS CAPABLE OF GREATNESS BUT IT IS A DUAL MAGIC PIECE AND ALSO CAPABLE OF EXTREME REVENGE,OR WHAT YOU NEED IT TO DO.I DON'T FEEL BAD ABOUT THIS BECAUSE SOMETIMES WE NEED TO PUT PEOPLE IN THEIR PLACES TO TEACH THEM OR TO STOP THEM FROM SCREWING WITH US. NO BAD KARMA COMES FROM THIS PIECE. THIS IS ANCIENT MAGIC!!!
Crowley's Connection,AUGUST SALE 77
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