Crystal Realm

Crystal Realm

This piece comes from a paranormal society with whom I have a correspondent. For years, there have been rumors of New Zealand's ice men. Although, nobody knows who they are or where they come from, claims from people who have had encounters with these men are very numerous. In fact, they are so numerous that it even rivals the number of claims of people who have had run ins with Bigfoot.

Now, I say that people don't know who these men are, because to the normal individual, these men seem to be foreign. Their levels of wisdom and insight are so high that is is hard for the human mind to comprehend exactly what purpose they serve here on Earth. However, we here at Haunted Curiosities have never claimed to be “normal” and probably never will be. We are paranormal, supernatural, superstars with a hunch for making the impossible a reality.

This is how we have come to determine exactly who these ice men are and from where they have come. The reality of it is, that these men actually aren't men at all. They certainly aren't made from ice. If there were made from ice, they would surely melt under the hot New Zealand sun; which at times tends to be quite sweltering.

The expedition began with a trip to New Zealand to interview those who have claimed to see these being in action. They tell tales of men that look as though they have been sculpted out of the ice. They are fully translucent, clear as crystal, and the only color that can be found on them are their piercing emerald eyes. They move gracefully about, never say a word to anyone, other than in once instance.

One account tells of a man that actually saw two of these beings at once. He was about six feet away from the being, who went on casually as if he didn't even notice the mortal standing there. The being turned around to his fellow ice man, opened his mouth, and began to talk. However, talk isn't the word we're searching for. Rather, as per the interviewee's account, when the being opened his mouth he heard nothing but angelic harmonies being played-- so sweet, says the man, that the melodic influence disarrayed his comprehension and put him into a state of total oblivion.

Okay, here's the scoop. These “ice men” that we are talking about aren't made out of ice. They aren't even men. They are rather beings from the Crystal Realm. The Crystal Realm is a universe that God has created, which is parallel to our own. In this realm god stores his most pure creations. These creations are the most pure of spirit and heart. They do no evil. They are on such a high level of intellect, that no human can associate with them. Well, almost no human.

The piece that I am laying before was actually taken from one of the beings from the Crystal Realm. With this piece, it is possible to obtain the ability to communicate, in the same way they communicate, with the Crystal Men. You will receive their holy sanctification, which will heighten your intellect to those of a god. You will gain the ability of sweet entrancement over individuals who aren't on your level. Since we have one of only a few pieces that have been produced, you will have a competitive edge on all but the other four people in the world who possess a piece such as this.

You will gain the purity and spiritual cleanliness that Crystal Realm has to offer. You will be able to practice the pure white light magic that God has reserved for his most pure beings. You heart will be divined, and you will be capable to unknown love and untold success. This piece really encompasses everything that you could have ever hoped for in a divine source of alchemy.

The power itself is enough to entice anyone towards this piece. However, let's suppose that doesn't do it for you. This beautifully, handcrafted piece from the Crystal Realm, is enough to drive anyone to the piece, power or no power. It's beautiful workmanship is enough to captivate anyone, and this is what you will receive when you decide to host this powerful, powerful piece.

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