Cutting Astral Chords

Cutting Astral Chords

We are all mortal.  Okay, well most of us are mortal.  This is known.  For those of us who are mortal and even for certain immortal types, this is a piece that is going to set you absolutely free.  It is going to help you identify with yourself in a way that you have NEVER EVER identified with yourself.  In fact, the only possible way that you could have even possibly came into contact with this aspect of yourself is if you are one of the lucky people that have been fortunate enough to undergo Raviniska's Full White Light Past Life Awakening.  This is one of the reasons we recently ventured to New Orleans, to perform transformations on others.  There was something special about this trip, however.  I'm not sure how many of you actually know, but Deedee is one of the most recent recipients of Raviniska's Full White Light service.  She says that it is truly the most amazing feeling that she has ever had.  It is a very special event when you can travel back through the annals of times, to collect and connect all the missing pieces of yourself to paint the whole picture of your existence.  It is a rare event that this process can be fully and undeniably executed.  There are a lot of perpetrators who claim they can do this or they can do that, but to actually achieve full results is amazing! 

What is even rarer... extremely rare, in fact... is the ability to view yourself as your formless existence.  I can't really say that it is a bodily form or a spiritual form.  Deedee said that if she had to explain it fully, she would describe it as more a spiritual form.  She was careful to place emphasis on the fact that it was more like a free form-- it's just the form you existed in before you became anything.  It is the ultimate goal in any past life regression. To build any tower you need a strong foundation.  To piece together the picture of your true self, you need to start at the very beginning.  It gives you the foundation to build upon.  From here, you can collect all the pieces of yourself that have existed in your past physical and spiritual forms.

Discovery yourself in your free form is rare and often times very tricky.  The reasoning for this is because each soul is created with a spiritual chord that ties them to their current physical form.  The knowledge of all past forms is suppressed deep within the soul so that way the spirit can travel through their current life cycle to obtain as much knowledge and powers from the current cycle as possible.  In any case, to spark an awakening of these past forms, special white magic is needed.  This is the spark that is provided by Raviniska, which, I might add, is very successful in reaching deep down to the roots of your existence, promoting a complete transformation, as all your pieces are merged together into an entire existence.  In the case of Deedee's transformation, and others, they are over-the-top successful!  I was able to sit in on Deedee's transformation, as I was present to open and close the circle of spiritual energy that is needed to begin the process. 

During her regression I listened as Deedee left her body and explored many of her past forms.  However, the most interesting form that she was able to take was her free form.  As I listened, she described the existence being herself in pure truth and white light knowledge, swimming in nothing but white light.  It is the very light that God created before he created anything else when he said let their be light.  It was in this light that he created all spiritual forms, which later became the breath of life that he breathed into his human creations.  Deedee was able to travel back into her very original form, as she was transformed into the breath of life.  In this form, she said, she was able to know all things.  She was able to have direct connection God in his most white light form.  She was able to feel the utmost contentment that she has ever felt in her entire existence.  She described her state-of-being as being nothing and yet everything all at once.  It was true acknowledgement of the purpose of existence and what everything means, while at the same time being free of any type of bonds that tie the free-form down to any others forms of existence or vessels.  It is existence above all, heightened to a level that is even above full spiritual enlightenment.  It is just sheer, raw energy.  You don't feel an ounce of pain or desire... just full power and satisfaction in knowing that you are your own part of existence.  It is this foundation upon which your spiritual and physical forms will be manifested.  

As Deedee existed as the Breath of God, she was able to travel freely through Heaven as it existed.  Although she has visited Heaven in spiritual before, she described this time as exhilarating beyond anything that she has ever experienced.  She said that it wasn't like you were visiting Heaven.  She wasn't in Heaven, rather she was a part of Heaven-- part of Heaven's existence.  While she was in this form she met and experienced the archangel Michael.  In his free-from he was the energy flow of all things bold, brave and courageous.  She not only saw St. Michael, but felt him.  It was an intimate connection between the two of them in this form.  They connected at the core and she understood him.  She was able to feel his experience as he defeated Satan in Heaven and kicked him out of God's Kingdom, among others.  St Michael gave her an orb of white light energy that he conveyed to her through his energy flow was for complete relinquishment of any bond to any vessels spiritual, physical, or any. 

It is this orb of energy that Deedee has used to completely separate her true form from any other vessel type.    She is free to travel back to this state at any time she wants to, because she has this piece to cut her astral chord.  In this form, she has been able to pick up on and acquire powers and abilities that she has been able to add to her free from, that she was able to bring back with her and manifest in her physical form.  She can travel all aspects of existence in her free form and see all aspects of time.  There are no linear, spatial, chronological or energetic restraints on your free-form, as it is the very essence of existence in the first place!  She said it is truly the greatest experience she has ever had! 

The orb of energy that Deedee was given by the Archangel Michael, who is the commander of God's Army and the keeper of all God's white light energy, was physically manifested as this pair of scissors.  It was a very humbling feeling their presence as we watched the orb materialized; and as Deedee returned to physical consciousness, they were laid on her stomach.  When she awoke, she explained to us what this item is to be used for.  The scissors are white light sheers that will cut your astral chord, allowing you travel back to your most primitive state, as the Breath of God before you were breathed by Him into any other form.  It is your free form... your most true form.  You will exist as the energy flow that eventually became you as you are today.  It will also allow you to travel into other elements of your past lives and forms to paint the whole picture of existence!! 

This is a very powerful piece, for the reasons that I have stated above and throughout this piece's file!  Deedee was able to retain her powers in spiritual form and, thus, is offering this piece to one lucky customer.  If this sounds like something you've always wanted-- to know your true origins and to obtain true powers and knowledge to know who you really are-- this piece is for you.  However, we only have one of these items and I doubt we will get another one.  If this is something your interested in... act on that intuition and secure this piece for yourself today!!   


Cutting Astral Chords
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