D is For Denist... and Demented

One would like to think that a reformatory school would be built with the best possible intentions in mind.  You can't say that in today's society, or even in yesterday's society.  There are weirdos from all walks of life, but this one might go above and beyond what anybody would have ever expected.  There is a reason why background checks are done nowadays, but this wasn't always the case.  The 1800s wasn't exactly a time of technological breakthrough, so there was much more of an opportunity for creepers to gain entrance to high profile positions.  This what happened in the case of Adel Reformatory in Leeds, England. 

The school was once touted as one of the best reformatory schools in England and had a widely successful reputation for getting young criminals back on track.  In fact, parts of the building were left in use up until the year 2004.  Through the years the sprawling building and grounds of the Adel Reformatory have been used for anything from college dormitories, to residential living plots, to other reformatory school operations.  Nothing ever lasted a very long time on the grounds, especially giving the property's habit of presenting grizzly hauntings

The very first owner of the reformatory is generally unknown.  I'm sure if you did some digging, you might be able to find something out on the issue, but generally speaking the owner's name has been clouded in secrecy, which makes you start wondering what the intentions of the reformatory were in the first place.  Well, I can tell you that the intentions were not always kosher and by always, I pretty much mean never.  You have to understand, these reformatories held juvenile delinquents.  I'm not saying they were bad people, but much like the asylums of the time, this is the place where you shipped off children with temperamental issues that society clearly didn't want to deal with.  This is why their existence was so dispensable.  Nobody really card.  They'd be sentenced by a judge and shipped of to be treated as slaves-- or in this case even worse. 

One look at the drab, dreary dentistry department at the once reformatory school, is enough to keep people away.  Of course, there is the fact that this building has been abandoned for some time, but you can tell by looking at this particular dentist's office that it hasn't changed much over the years.  It's enough that people don't like other people messing with their teeth, this place was downright creepy and scary.  It also carries with it a certain energy that lets whomever ventures upon the chambers know that it isn't exactly the place you'd want to spend the night. 

There is no point in really giving a detail background to the guy that we refer to as "the Dentist," simply because he just showed up out of nowhere.  Nobody seems to be able to really pinpoint exactly where he came from; but this was acceptable in these days.  They were able to employ him for cheaper than going rates, and that was all that matters.  More money in the pockets of the people who ran the confines.  Needless to say, that the higher-ups didn't know that besides a shadowy past, the dentist had a much darker secret.  He wasn't even human.  I think when we originally got this piece, he name was Franklyn or something like that, but his identity is so shrouded in mystery that we aren't even sure what his name is.  Again, that's why we just call him the Dentist, or I guess the Doc for short.  That sounds befittingly creepy enough. 

For decades, this man posed as a dentist, picking his victims from among the students that he would see for regular check ups.  When reports of disappearances began to be made, nobody really thought anything of it.  It was just another convicted child attempting to escape their fate of childhood incarceration.  Reports would be filed, but as long as the higher ups were being paid, they didn't much care.  So, you can imagine it was easy for the dentist to pick from the cream of the crop.  Pretty much any child he wanted, he would take.  He would give his patients anesthesia during his procedures, taking them back to a secret underground chamber he kept in a vacant part of the establishment's basement.  Here, he would murder his victims and use them on blood altars and in blood rituals.  Vampires do these, which is what the Dentist was... well is.  Through the piece we gained we realized that this wasn't his first stint in doing something like this.  He is actually immortal and has lived for several thousand years.   He has weaseled his way into the trust of many circles, killing off their innocent to use in blood rituals, blood alchemy, and to feed upon.  Anyone who knows magic, knows that the magic of blood, which ultimately supplements the souls is the most powerful type of alchemy.  He has captured the likes of thousands upon thousands of souls over the years, boosting his own sanguine abilities. 

Eventually a group of young men at the reformatory had enough of the dentist's crap.  They found out what he was doing and spied on him while he was doing it, perfecting his own magic to use against him.  If the warden or some other ranking official wasn't going to do something, then they were taking matters into their own hands, which is exactly what happened.  One night when the dentist wasn't expecting it, they snuck up on him and cast a spell on him that bound him to a vessel that they stole form him previously.  The heads of the school were confused the next day when the dentist didn't show up for work, without notice.  Needless to say, he never showed up again and the boys who were the cause of his demise all took blood oaths that they would tell nobody what they witnessed.  Until this day, nobody has squealed. 

This piece is not the original piece that was found locked in the secret chambers of the dentist.  That piece was very old and was falling apart.  When we got the piece, we immediately transferred his presence from that piece to the one that see on the listing.  We also immediately pumped a ton of white light energy into the piece, to negate the evil, murderous ways of the vampire.  His dark magic turned to dual magic, with some of it even turning white light, such as the protection that this piece gives you.  The dentist has been transformed from some evil entity, to one that will work for you, to make sure that with this piece you grow in power.  You will be given a semi-transformation with this piece.  By semi-transformation, I mean that you will gain all aspects of being a sanguine vampire-- blood alchemy, shape-shifting, spell casting, immortality, the ability to walk through realms, sanguine sorcery, psychic awakening, etc.-- without actually having to change your physical being into an immortal vampire.  I know there are soul-form vampires, but I don't know if all vampires have souls.  Some of them do, but I don't know about all of them.  This is why we have allowed you to gain all these powers without actual transformation, so you will still have your soul for sure.  SO, don't frown upon the fact that this doesn't do COMPLETE transformation.  If you want one of those, contact one of us, we will see that you get one. 

In the meantime, this is probably one of the more powerful vampire pieces that we have come across.  Again, there isn't much that this piece doesn't do for you.  This is not one to be taken lightly, either.  It provides serious sanguine vampire powers!  The power begins now!  



D is For Denist... and Demented
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