Dark and Light, but Oh, so right

Do you like to spiritually veg-out, because I know I do. It is relaxing and comforting. It puts my soul at ease. Using a powerful piece that I have to launch my spiritual presence onto the astral plain, sometimes I like to just leave this world behind and search the realms for something interesting and useful, like the piece that I am offering you here.

During one such session, I was drifting back and forth between astral planes, not finding anything really too exciting, when I landed in a plain that was darker than the sun is bright. At first I was a little bit frightened, but after a while, I realized that the plane was only dark out of necessity, not because I was going to encounter a spiritual entity that was going to suck my soul. They probably couldn't because the piece that I was using to travel astrally had a protection charm anyways; but when your traveling on the planes, some of this stuff can really freak you out. That's what it was.

Anyway, I came across this plane that was darker than the sun is bright. It was a curious place, because I could feel the power emanating like it was all around me, but I couldn't exactly see anything that was around me, so I relied solely on my psychic ability to guide me through the realm-- and guide it did. My psychic radar led me to a place that was just creeping and crawling with mystical abilities that had remained undiscovered until I arrived there.

I was “walking” along the realm when out of know where I saw an orb of white light floating by on my left side. I stopped, not touching the orb, because I didn't really know what was going to happen. I was about to examine the orb, when I saw another larger orb of light, about the size of a plum. So I went over to check this orb out instead. Before I could even begin, the realm lit up so quickly that it was like standing in the flash of an unexpected picture. There were thousands and thousands of these orbs, all varying in size from the size of a large grape to the size of a a large watermelon.

Naturally, when I saw the orb the size of the large watermelon, I wanted that one. I made up my mind not to get distracted this time and I went over and laid my hands on the orb. I was sucked into a vision that provided an explanation for the orbs that are the basis for the power that I am offering here. Each of the orbs actually represent a vampire, the size is in correspondence to their mythic ability and greatness. These vampires were locked in this realm as an orb of light during a battle in the underworld.

You see the orb that I had select was actually the Great Prince of Darkness, who at one point ruled the entire underworld. Out of spite, his brother cast a spell on him and his followers that sentenced them to such an awful fate-- floating around in a realm that was a dark as the heart of Satan. That's okay, though, because I have brought the Great Prince of Darkness with me, on the condition that I was able to cast a negation spell on him that prohibits any dark or evil possibilities.

What he offers his owner is a once in a lifetime chance at being turned to a vampire. Not just any vampire tho... a majestic, royal vampire who will have the ability to enter the realms of the underworld, and help the prince seek retribution on those who condemned him. Once you have assisted him with this feat, then his follower will be returned and will be exalted as second in command of his realm in the underworld.

For your journeys he will give you the powers of light and dark magic. Dark magic will be necessary and can only be used in the realms of the underworld to combat other evil powers and entities. The light magic will protect you and act as a back up to the dark magic, as it can overcome any dark magic, it just takes a higher form of concentration in the realms of the Underworld. You will gain spiritual immortality and the ability to turn others to help you on your conquest. Should you decide that you don't want to enter the realms of the Underworld, that is okay, this piece will still give you all the powers invoke in it, minus the second in command thing. They are still very powerful and will still give you a magical ability that all of your friends will envy. You will receive the piece that you see here.

Also available is a piece that contains the powers that allowed me to travel the realms, as described in the beginning. If you are interested let me know, because I can have these pieces made.

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