DARPA's Time Stoppers, Project Pegasus

DARPA's Time Stoppers

Okay, so you know the old addage, "Time flies by," right?  In today's society this is true more than ever.  I'm not sure whether it is the relentless abundance of techno-junk or an added sense of urgency and anxiety in today's society, but I've noticed that even as I grow older myself, time doesn't seem to get any longer.  It seems to move more quickly like a child on a merry-go-round.  Sometimes you get dizzy and you just want to get off.  Days turns into minutes and week turn into hours and before you know it, you are getting older.  You only have one life to live, so you try to make every second count, which only makes you more frantic because you realize you only have very precious little time left.  However, what if you could control time?  What if you controlled the very essence of time and how it operates?  After all, time doesn't REALLY exist. It is merely a mechanism made up by the human mind, because the human mind craves rational organization. In it's ignorance, the mind craves to gain knowledge of all things, not ever stopping to think that some things just are because the are.  Such is existence.  Time is nothing. 

Controlling the flow of time has been somewhat of a fantasy since the beginning of time, whenever it is scientists claim that time began.  Christians say it began when God created the world, but did it exist with God, before the world was created?  Scientists say time began with a big bang.  What was time before that big bang? What existed before the big bang?  Either way, the mind always has had a fantasy about being to control time... to either stop time to basically achieve immortality or to render time so that way one could travel back and forth into the future and the past as he or she pleases.  Welcome to the reality of your fantasy.  I have this capability.  Read on. 

In the 1960s, DARPA began experimenting with theories on time travel.  They scooped up children, mostly those of willing participants from DARPA employees.  Some were orphans with otherwise unpromised futures of gang violence, etc.  Either way, they developed a small army of children that would be the subjects of their time-space program that they would call Project Pegasus.  I know, it probably makes you think of the Marvel Heroes, but this is the real Project Pegasus, which has tangible results.  DARPA, whose mission is supposedly to maintain the technological superiority of the US Military and prevent technological surprise form harming our national security by sponsoring revolutionary, high-payoff research that wil bridge the gap between fundamental discoveries and their use in the military, has actually been acting as a secret agent of the military the entire time. 

According to their website, DARPA has worked to enhance national security, has funded research and technology develop and has improved the military capabilities that have changed the way Americans live.  They claim that since the beginning DARPA has been the place for people with innovative ideas to go to achieve ground-breaking discoveries. However, when it comes to their own actual research, or such research that they gain from minds and likes of others, their break throughs are kept complete classified and out of the hands of normal citizens, such as you and me.

Recently, I was contacted by a child participant of DARPA's Project Pegasus.  He wishes to remain anonymous, so I'm giving him the clever name Justin Thyme.  Justin was taken by his parents to the confines of DARPA when he was about 12 years old, in the early 1990s.  This goes to show that the project has become relentlessly more significant and hasn't ended, but has moved forward to make strides in space-time travel.  Justin has told me many stories from the times he has seen.  Once, he told me he was taken to the time preceding the Revolutionary War, where he was sent to give a message to Peyton Randolph, the elected President of the first Continental Congress.  During the Congress' secret meeting at Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia on September , 1774, the Congress met with several children from the future.  Justin was their leader.  He carried instructions with him from the future to the past dictating how the colonies were to deal with Great Britain.  The rest became history, right? 

Another time, Justin was sent to a time where the Egyptians were the most influential civilization in the world.  He was sent from our time to theirs and they received him as if he were a god.  While in Egypt, Justin was taught the ancient art form of light and divination.  He was subject to several meetings with aliens/angels and was there when Khufu received information on how the pyramids were to be built and the magical source of energy that was to be placed in the three point grid that would correspond directly to Orion's belt.  It would serve as a time lapse gate, where the energies of other worlds and planets and planes of existence could freely travel to Earth to offer their advanced technology and spiritism.  This would eventually advance the human race to the level that they are at now, allowing surges and influxes of alien and other technology that would pilot the technological breakthroughs of today. 

There were many other instances that Justin referred to, but there are too many to record.  Just know that he has seen alot in his time and he is only now in his early 30s.  He told me that traveling among time is the biggest accomplishment he has had in his lifetime.  Using these energies, he has been able to open his mind to the fact that time really does not exist.  All things happen at once on separate layers of "time" and different parts of space.  Reality is a relative thing, and that all things with the right energies and magic can be controlled and manipulated.  These are the basics upon which God created a universe.  He has told me that with the energies of DARPA and Project Pegasus helped him realize that the past, present, and future aren't different times, but rather different places where existence overlaps and different things have cause other things to happens.  There are places where you can live realities of the results of things that could have happened if reality would have been different.  Like, what if Britain would have won the American Independence War?  Or, what if the Egyptian Civilization would have never declined or if the Mayans would have never disappeared?  What if George Washington wasn't the first president of the United States of America and what would have happened if the South won the Civil War? 

Justin helped us instill the energies of DARPA and Project Pegasus into this piece.  This item is a direct stream of energy.  Justin told me that at the beginning DARPA controlled the energy.  The would tell him where to go and when to be there.  After a while, the energies became stronger and stronger.  No longer was DARPA controlling what he could and couldn't do.  The energies became ingrained in his DNA and pretty soon he could manipulate and control time, space and matter.  He could stop time if he wanted to.  He could travel between times and places.  He could project himself to any point in space via astral teleportation.  DARPA realized the couldn't control him and rather than try to, they covered him up... wiped him from "existence".   The piece that Justin helped up channel his energy into is very powerful.  In contains all of the energies Justin developed thanks to DARPA and Project Pegasus.  The children of Project Pegasus were known as Time Stoppers, because of their ability to defy the limitations that time bears on humans.  There are others like Justin, but most choose to suppress their existence and keep their gifts to themselves.  Others haven't mastered their energies yet and are still entirely under the control of DARPA. 

This item gives you the free range of Justin's abilities of time control and teleportation.  It will allow you travel in time just as he has, or to control the time and space continuum to have all time come to a stand still.  It will allow you dissect the layers of existence that to our minds has become time.  You will be able to travel to any point of existence in time or in space that you choose to go.  This is the ultimate time travel piece.  The secret technologies of DARPA have changed the course of history as we know them.  Well, as we think we know them.  We live in a reality that could be changed simply by sending a mere child into the "past" to manipulate minor details.  Our minds would then reflect that change and make us think as if it has always been that way.  This piece helps you live above the influence by letting you surf the annals of the time-space continuum just as DARPA has given Justin Thyme the ability to do.   

These are sterling silver and one of a kind. I will never forget when I stopped time. I had no control over it and when I told people they thought I was nuts. But it is true and I still look today for people that have experienced this. I first had a psychic vision of Lindy getting hit by a car. I turned around and a car was coming at her,I put my arm out to throw her back from the curb in Philly and when I did,everything stopped. For at least 6 or 7 seconds everyone was frozen in time except for me. Whatever position they were in,they just froze. I remember look at the sky and it looked funny and then thinking OMG am I going to be the only one alive on this planet. Many of you want the strange to happen to you but when it does you freak out,even if just a little. After the thoughts passed my mind everything started to move again. The thing is,is that it was real! It shows me that there are so many unseen and untapped powers in this world. In the past 5 years I have had it happen again andeven heard voices coming from the sky. When it is over I ask who I'm with if anything weird has happened to them and they always say it seems that they lost time.


DARPA's Time Stoppers, Project Pegasus
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